PEARLS OF WRIT, Adventures in Fusionart & Manifest love

PEARLS OF WRIT, Adventures in Fusionart & Manifest love

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PEARLS OF WRIT, Adventures in Fusionart & manifest love

This book describes the meeting and coming together of two extraordinary artists whose individual, life-long pursuits into the mysteries of Love beautifully and powerfully intersect.

It is a journey of spirit, shared in two languages, sung with two voices, whose harmonies weave masterfully into one song. An ode to the joy, depth and power of love, the fusion of their artistic gifts embodies the very meaning of art in the age-old search to discover what unites us.

The Manifester Yada is a writer whose melodic prose speaks to the deep places in us, stirring the rivers of the Soul until they become fountains. Rassouli’s stunning visual imagery awakens our longing for Union, its exotic rhythm unfolding the layers of the heart, reconnecting us with our own creative impulse.

The destined friendship of their spirits has produced a work of art that is truly and uniquely compelling. Pearls of Writ is a testament to the riches that can be found within two hearts, and an invitation to search out our own.


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  • Publisher: Soundtron Productions Ltd.
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4507-9291-2
  • Hardcover: 155 pages

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