Sunday, 26 February 2017


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "WHAT IS THE HOLY GHOST" - Part 8 "SPIRIT TRACKERS"

The Spirit subject is vast and wide ranging. There are good and evil spirits. Since spirits can transform in appearance and essence, discerning of spirits Is a very sensitive talent. Through a complicated series of erroneous identifications, many students of search have come to denote summations of belief that are deeply off track to the truth. Strange as it is, there is a pampered spiral cavity of thinking entrenched in the common mind that seeks the origin of reality that always glues to wishes of personal exaltation. This trap is so influential it is a hoop of thinking that constantly replays in difference faces of mental display.

To overcome those nature consequences of thinking, one must plow the thoughts of their mind and over turn them many times until new sequences can arise. There are many cognate influences of ancestry in the DNA that must be recognized for what it is. This is why a lattice change can be necessary. The adoptions of new words are a profound way to gain elevated thinking. The Bible says: "the word was made flesh”. Too many harbored thoughts of people belong to the brittle side and are subject to crumbling, due to events that happen on the road of mortals.

Get out of the comic strip of life and quit borrowing wrongly derived conclusions. When a key is put into the slot of a door and it opens the lock of that door, then you have a working key. Otherwise, you are messing with lost time.

The Bible has an outside meaning and an inside meaning. The outside meaning relates to the physical world. The inside meaning relates to the Spirit side. To be a Spirit tracker you must learn to be able to read the invisible Bible. The invisible Bible is about the invisible God who is Spirit. Get off the railway to the dump; you are not made in the image of the invisible God, other wise, you would be invisible. It’s nice to have the long hair of personal ideas, unless it is so long you are stumbling on it. When your religion is so limited you can only be of a denomination if you stay in the coral of its limits, then break down that prison frame and run for your life to freedom.

You will need to use the gift of imagination to climb out of the fox hole with knowledge that no arrows can pierce you because you are walking with angels.

Call that faith, if you like that better, but the count comes from the success of doing, and if you never try taking that first step into the Spirit realm you will live out your life and die in the town called "do-little".

However if you become an inverted flower of spiritual thinking, you will bloom within, and messenger love doves hoovering above will witness to the world you are filled with the Holy Ghost. Then will come the tongues of fire to sit over you as flames of Spirit-Holy Fire. You will enter to "Beyond the Mortal".

You will become a top "Spirit Tracker" of the ascending ones...

Jaboah the prophet who sees afar.


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