Sunday, 05 February 2017


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "WHAT IS THE HOLY GHOST" - Part 5

In a virtual moment, waiting to be converted to spiritual actuality by Holy Ghost confirmation. The Holy Ghost waits to become a parallel reality of Spirit and body by the will inset of the Spirit mind. As the Holy Ghost waits also for an expression of accord from the physical entity to profess a yes of it’s seeking. Once upon that happening, at a sudden moment, there will open the window within, and bid the Holy Ghost breath essence of God to breath on one's soul.

In broadcast 5, of what is the Holy Ghost: The accent will be conferred to the subject of "spiritual coherence versus spiritual incoherence" Spiritual coherence, is shown to begin at the point where the innermost kingdom of God, within abiding in a suspended virtual mode is quickened, (For the Holy Spirit is not always in the rushing’s). The spirit accelerates to an arising aura of rushing glories. As the seals of these glories are revealed, a recovery is possible of one's ancient long ago times as a re-surge to the consciousness of memories. For too long, believers have remained primitive to the spiritual things of the Spirit of God. Believers in God, in their being unaware of the near presence of angels, and in an unawareness of the inner presence of the Holy Ghost, have metaphorically lived on skimmed milk, while being deprived of angel food, and being vacant of its knowledge.

There is at the finger tip action of one's will, the privilege to ask and receive if such a one can be mindful of what to ask for.

Spiritual prominence is opulent in oracles and revelation. But envisioning even over the blind wall, the Holy Ghost, being not a system of parts and physical proportions, has exact truth and is endowed with the very essence of the almighty invisible I-AM God.

It is time to get out of contracted mental dimensions. Remember in making those decisions, it is unjust to call into question as to whether a person is worthy of such glory and knowledge, for to do so shrinks the promise from Jesus Christ to whosoever will, to be made acceptable through his blood and grace.

Many ideas that some humans have are just puffs of air which have no longevity of reality or eternal value. The Holy Ghost is the entity having the capability to comfort you through the worst possible situations and on to a peace of the soul. This is the time to ascertain the spiritual sense of coherence. God is pure, I-AM'S word is pure, and the Holy Ghost is the way of coming into the presence of that knowledge of pureness.

This is the time to find the full reveal of the meanings of: "and the Spirit moved over the waters" and "Let there be Light". These two oracles alone would with a few of its fragments of truth, fill enough baskets to feed a multitude.

This is the time to fulfill the “should be” of this scripture proposal: "there are things not written that “should be” written, even though some persons suppose the world could not contain them," (John 21:25 MIV). This is the kind of spiritual glory the Holy Ghost alone can pour out in each person as rivers of living waters until they overflow from their inner most being. Whosoever has an ear I bid you, hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church...COMING THIS TEACHING A REVELATION ABOUT A NEW KIND OF LIGHT REVEALED IN THE SCIENCE OF THE BIBLE..."LET THERE BE LIGHT"


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