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Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "THE EXODUS EXCAPE" - Part 28


In a grand swing across and over the spiritual blackouts of the ages, from "the long truth" is reaped insights about the secrets places that exist in each person's spirit. These Constructs of mystery and transformations are essential for obtaining high levels of reveal that lead to perfection and holiness. Inside the dark keyhole of the door-gate of heaven, where wait proofs that all things with god are possible now and always have been, in the was, in the is, and in the to be.

In one swish of the color wand and one word of the ancient one, identity moves from being an unaware identity to becoming a known and aware identity. The dark keyhole speaks: i found your face, I need to shine upon it and make you young and strong. I need to shine upon the galaxy of your brain and raise stars for orders of spiritual warfare. You shall raise you little finger and nature shall know To obey. Come into the shining where abides whirls of mighty rushing winds being born. By the spirit, run all day, run all night and gain strength of wings. Dark angels envy that you can do what they do but with Peace and righteousness. The true exodus seeks the bama of the highest mountain. There in the shadows of creative love each destinata spirit is being told: "a star shall rise out of jacob". Night passes And morning stars arise. The keepers of the pearls of great price refuse to gamble with them, they wear their pearls as a necklaces such as how gods would wear them.

The soldiers who followed their lower parts went to war but never came back. Their bones for centuries lay in heaps, dry, cracked and broken. Ezekiel was called to breathe upon their bones and Prophesy for death and hell to leave the planet earth. Observing it while wandering as fallen cherubim once co-uned to lucifer, having learned the art of the lie and spoken it for thousands Of generations yet could not recognize the truth that was happening.

A pile of great stones some barbed and pointed, piled into the making of a mountain of rock called "selah" named after the majestic selah rock mountain called "the rock of ages" at the father's house planet "the father's house". The dark side of moses tells it all. Seth comes back in a re-in-generation called moses, to redeem his fallen brother "abel," and to save the spirit soul of cain and his offspring who became some of the "canaanites" and the giants. Their multitudes must for ten generations must be put into exile until cleansed and purified before they can take part in the salvage of their fall.

The dark side of seth as moses, walks the forbidden dark of the key hole tunnels where a baptizing of the dead is occurring.

They who in ignorance slam the door on this truth may live to see their spirits wandering vast spaces without lead of direction. Seth was made in the image of adam and being in the image of adam he was Therefore, also in the image of the son of god jesus christ. Therefore, it was not out of line for moses who housed seth in his body, to say that another person would come like unto his self which of Course was jesus christ. This was told in the tetragramation of the wywh/wyvh of god's eternal name, i am and i am, or yah and yah. Therefore, the invisible god being the entity of his first presence was the first yah, and the second yah was the word made flesh. Abraham, issac, and jacob did not know about the second yah, they only knew about the invisible god who was the first yah. Consequently, not knowing about the second yah, who was the image of the first yah, and who was jesus the christ they were in a lessor ministry of knowledge than moses.


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  • In the long of very long ago...
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Revealed to THE MANIFESTER by insights beyond this world, this is a story of pre-existent universes...

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