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Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "THE EXODUS EXCAPE" - Part 27


The surface image of a human is not dependable for revealing the figure of a person. Nor is the inner nature of a person accessible to other humans unless they posses the gift of the discerning of spirits. The trial of knowing a person by acts of life over a period of time is generally the best way to discover a person's character. Then of course there are written biographies sometimes very informing. However, there is a dark side of mortals that sometime not even a scintilla of it is known until some crude act is made public.

The forces of happenstance that work at making a person be what they become and the way they are is far from being understood and known. The offering to be "born again" (from above) made by Jesus to humankind offers more remedies and solutions than but few of the Christians masses who preach about it understand. The usefulness of truth for many, may be a lifetime away from understanding what it means to be "born again".

But there is a "bearing point". When you are weighed in the scales of balance, God's accounting ratio decides between your dark side and your Light side. A major "bearing point" is that God takes into accounting where you are at, as to your rights of a "time and a chance. If it turns out you have a greater positive good than your negative dark side, then you will be accounted as "privileged" on the Light side above the count of your "dark side" even though you still have within your personal domain the reality and influence of the "dark side".

From a child Moses was exposed to the killing machines of the Egyptian military. Killing the enemy became a second nature to Moses and victory by the death of the enemy was a pleasant thing to him. Moses was a fearless soldier and the received commandment on the mount of Sinai "thou shalt not kill" was very difficult for him to understand. Comparatively, the Bible says that David was not allowed to build the House of the LORD because he had blood on his hands, but he was allowed to receive from the spirit the revelation how to build it and the spiritual significance of the holy articles.

David was very fearful of the Ark of the Covenant. Paul said that when Moses was on the mount he became so fearful of the holy entities and holy things he trembled.

Controversially as it may seem, some of the religious and spiritual concepts that Moses proposed were tinted by teachings of Egyptian priests and a Midian priest which was additional to the instructions he received from the angels and Yahweh. Job though said to be a perfect man in his day also had a Dark Side, but over came it and also Moses over came the dark side.

It is a fact that the creatures called mortals are greatly laden with natural desires to have motives and forms of nature that are drawn to the lust and materialism of the dark side. Every part of the material world belongs to the whole of the universe that is temporal in a repeating and continuum kind of way. It is difficult to relate to the spiritual side in such a setting but not impossible. Nevertheless, the Bible says: "whosoever sows the wind will reap the whirlwind", though this can be applied to the negative, it can also be applied to the positive. Jesus said: "it is not what goes into a man that corrupts a man, it is what comes out.

Consequently, this means that somehow within that man there had to happen a churning that either brought forth the good or evil that would come out. This inner "churning" is a mystery.

I hope to share with you on the number 27 broadcast. It is of course very connected to the story of THE EXODUS ESCAPE...


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