Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mantis Armies 2 - FallenAngelsTV

Narrated by Zinn Garcia, from Fallen Angels TV, this teaching will move the Spirit through the high realm of what was, what is, and what is to come!

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The spirit presence within you is the angel of your presence. Acknowledgement of your inner-self spirit dimension will open realms and spaces of dimensions beyond your most liberal imagination. Keep in mind this is not some strange foreign taboo connection, it is you, it is the spirit part of you that you were born with. In fact the Bible says: without the spirit the body dies.

The Bible says the human mortal is wonderfully made. This of course is something God has provided through AM’s universal lattice framing of all things. You are wonderfully made, you just need to get into the “wonderful” part of your creation which is 50% of the person your are.

You probably have heard the saying: that people are only using a small fraction of their brain potential. There is of course truth to that statement. But the major revelation is, that it is the spirit side of a person which can loosen and oil the physical body to move into it’s potential.

The spirit in you is ready to be put into gear. A whole space of many world dimensions has potentiality within you. It is not that you need the whole vast open of this spirit world dimension. In fact you only need a mind connection to this spirit dimension for freeing you from the binding force of your dilemmas.

When I the Manifester invite you to journey with me in spirit travel, this is a real sequence that is a capability of your spirit that abides within you and has been with you from birth. This is the part of you that dreams beyond common dreams and has instinct to know things you were never educated in the physical connection to understand.

People that do not use the space of their spirit world of self, are very limited and it could be said of them, they are only existing by a half of their life potential.

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