Sunday, 19 February 2017


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "WHAT IS THE HOLY GHOST" - Part 7

The world is full of inhibitor elements that interfere with many realities. Even the power and will to initiate an endeavor are sometimes intercepted and dashed by inhibitor circumstances to a stopped position. The Bible does say Jesus Christ has removed the middle wall of perdition.

But even with all the help that does exist, there is a plentiful of impeditions that minor indirect approaches will not eradicate. When a person feels they have an unction to perform a call with their life, but often the how to do so, and the many attachments that go with performing the unction, have missing links.

It is a time to symbolically "Purl" by knitting with inverted stitches, and to loop a chain of small thread loops along the fringe of your work. Now look into your work and read the energy lines and see if you can find the message to solve the missing link. The loop may be a part of your needed answer that involve a loop action of re-surging. It also involves articulating with the lattice by inversions.

In this present "What Is The Ghost" teaching, you will be shown with Bible backing how that to find some missing links that searchers may have to go back in time or forward in the future to resolve. Clear you mind, clear your heart, clear your desires, and then aim with the mark of the high calling for solution. Don't get wrapped up in the suppose of ideology learn to be taught by someone who is a proven seer.

Always remember pretension is a flat tire don't use it. In this teaching you will be taken on a journey to revelation of reveal hither-fore unutterable. Guard yourself to make sure no weak excuse allows this opportunity to be lost, such a loss might grease your slide down a backslide hill.

I know within myself that the subject of "The Ghost Of The First Domain" (which is the Holy Ghost) is the most important revelation of the universe. It is the major missing link to understanding, that even as in nature there are opposites, the universe has an opposite called "The First Domain" the heaven of heavens being universal heavens of atmospheres, environments, and space of stars and other planet worlds. And there really is a God particle that exists in the universe which is the "Soundtron" and not the Higgs Bosom.

You as a mortal owe it to yourself to know the missing links, this is spiritual reveal, this is Holy Ghost reveal, this is universal reveal...

Don't put off the Holy Ghost insights that do not belong to the letter of the law, but belong to the Spirit of the law...

Jaboah the prophet who sees the far away...


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