Sunday, 29 January 2017


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "WHAT IS THE HOLY GHOST" - Part 4

The message of the hour: What part does the Holy Ghost play in the story of Love...

In the Holy infra of the deep of many unknowns, there exists, mostly without acknowledgement, a deep abiding presence of the Holy Ghost.

This white sheen of many colors has a language song that is so ineffable, that the human mind finds it unutterable. And there is no infix of any syllable, that can be inserted > in any stand-alone word, of the human language to change that state.

To to now, you listeners seeking light, mind your hopes, for the path of Love is just over the way, and your name is destined to be there.

If you have adopted negative habits common to mortals, which are of natural to irrelevant genetics, and you long to be freed from that chain of binding, dig into this message, for there is here a breeze-way of fresh sharing for elevating your spirit in an escape from depression.

It is time to toss away the ending of bad dreams and feeling of hurts and anger > that never bring solution, never bring peace, and always leave important to your heart things in confusion. Your isle of loneliness that turns on even when you are in a crowd of company, and sometimes turns on loneliness even seated next to a friend or mate, is an unbelonging, unbegotten crop up, that you didn't consciously plant.

You need the Holy Ghost to show you the true way of life out of that hurtfulness.

When called upon, the Holy Ghost often moves into a fervency of the Spirit that is akin to the baptism of Holy Fire, this Fire is used in a wonder-thrust to clear the path of love from all diversion.

The Bible says that God, is a Spirit, and at the same time, the Bible says: that God is Love. So then, no believer in God should question or limit how much God cares about the story of Love which regards the universe and all the beauty of Love that belongs to every person who Loves or craves to Loved.

Holy Ghost Love is more powerful than anything else in the world.

Understand, what may seem unfamiliar about the Holy Ghost to you, nevertheless, has an ancient belonging to your ancient Spirit.

Get off the quad-tray (quadrangle) of corner to corner turning and turn your square of boredom into a circle unending of Love. Remember, that which has no ending is eternal. Consequently, in one sense, being qua-quaversal of turning (not limited to only one direction), creates a co-une of radiation called: "A Many One". In the Spiritual realm the living word of God is the center of heavenly emissions that spread and radiate in all directions of many dimensions > this living word of the many one, being united, form "One Dominance", called "The First Domain".

This is not to say that there is not just "One God", because, the many who are in God, are offspring companions in AM’S Spirit under God, who is, the one Operator.

So then, God is Light, and all AM’S Angels out on missions are called to shine as the Light of the world.


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