Sunday, 15 January 2017


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "WHAT IS THE HOLY GHOST" - Part 2

Then, jesus said: Someone has touched me, for i felt "virtue" go out of me! What was the virtue that went out of jesus when the fringe of his garment was touched? The greek "dunamis" defines "virtue" as power, strength, and mightiness. Ephesians 6:12 says there is a war going on by two forces and powers.

The one force demands that darkness continue, and the other force demands: Let there be light.

No doubt, "virtue" is an energy of power that designates a certain kind of charge. The two opposite ruler forces have opposite kinds of charge energies. It could be said that one ruler-power was evil, and the other ruler-power was holy.

Interwoven in the given scripture connection referring to the plural name "rulers", are two bible terms referring to cosmo-krator = universal ruler and lord of darkness. And panto-krator = the almighty father of lights.

What is the holy ghost? There are holy spirits and there are unholy spirits. The bodies of people that die are said to give up the ghost. There are designations as to kinds of spirits, and measurements of the degrees of charge that each spirit may have.

"virtue" is a power charge of a kind of energy. This energy can transit from the body and affect another person for good or evil.

There are energy dots throughout the universe which is information that can never be destroyed, but is energy in a large part that does not exist in the first domain. This information contains power of charge that makes all things possible. The most powerful energy available to humans is the holy spirit,/ holy ghost, energy. This said energy contains the "memwah", the memory of all things, and contains the p0wer to create angels and rulers.

There is much to be known, a spiracle into time is opening. The melchisedec nation of the father's house is unrolling the scroll of "the diary of kno". Things and knowledge never imagined to be in the bible are being revealed.

Part 2 of what is the holy ghost will twinkle the stars and whisper the secrets of the "still small voice". Answers about "what is the holy ghost" will awaken many sleepers. Those persons not previously understanding the meaning of the term "fringe" (hem) of the garment of jesus, will rise to manifest realizations that will turn waters into wine...

Though i touched you not, i touched you, with the word made flesh... And you entering into the "virtue", will defy tradition with your mind that will want to know more and more glories...

The oracles will soon begin at broadcast two, of "WHAT IS THE HOLY GHOST"!


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