Standing on the Ground

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A Poof, a fluff, a little cloud stuffed;
Fluffed all white, and flying like a kite, all crisp and new;
O how long can you fly, without a care, in the blue;
Standing on the ground, a little frown, the trying, so new;
That I can, I’m not yet a man, can you?
My thoughts all teeter, with the twisting path you fly;
With every turn, I look with concern, and also a sigh;

Please float down to me soften friend, and I will dab the tear from your eye,
A clown’s dance, and a two step more, castles and sand lay on the floor,
A new friend found is a blessing to hold, believe in yourself, and never fold,
Travel to kingdoms, all new, traveled to skies, cloudy, and blue,
Try your love, and know its true; and hold together, that which, has no glue,
Your goings, and comings, can be full of sun,
Jump high, and laugh, and have some Fun, Fun, Fun,
A frown, a tear, is no fun, Look unto Heaven, And Meet God’s Son;

Many Willows

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Many Willows

I was born in St. Louis Mo.

When I was 6 yrs old we move to a little French township called Florissant; located within minutes of the Convergence of Where two Rivers Meet, the Mississippi River & the Missouri River; Just a little east of the Missouri River Are what we call The Great River Buffs, several hundred feet high, that run along the Mississippi River; There is an Indian legend, that follows these bluffs, The Legend of The Piasa Bird, which was carved into the Bluff Facing; and since restored; I have been there many times, I have made the climb to the top of the Bluffs on more than one occasion, which is not an easy task;

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