Facing toward the Light

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A white cloud passing, A blue sky, blurred by the tear, Come to golden grains, of ripen thought, Understand the sin of fraught, A youth based cry, far from the rye of life, Defines the gulf of fixed understanding, near as gold, The contempt of the shamed heart pierced through unto pains of thy youth; come fourth, through the small trails of knowledge, left to us by the ascended parents past; as over- thoughts passing as waves of warm winds come together to hearken the songs that raise to life the dead acts of the past; grains tossed to the wind, have taken root, unto a sweet fruit souls sounding the cries, of eternal Love, now coming fourth,

understanding and knowledge peeks through the cracks of time forgotten; Gracious wonders, in unison of the tomorrows, hip closer, to the present, touching the present time of the coming beginning of eternities; Facing towards the light, now comes the opening of the eyes, that were once closed with the blinding light of His Presence; Holy Eyes, beholding and viewing, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit;

Many Willows
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Many Willows

I was born in St. Louis Mo.

When I was 6 yrs old we move to a little French township called Florissant; located within minutes of the Convergence of Where two Rivers Meet, the Mississippi River & the Missouri River; Just a little east of the Missouri River Are what we call The Great River Buffs, several hundred feet high, that run along the Mississippi River; There is an Indian legend, that follows these bluffs, The Legend of The Piasa Bird, which was carved into the Bluff Facing; and since restored; I have been there many times, I have made the climb to the top of the Bluffs on more than one occasion, which is not an easy task;

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  • Doug Jacquemin

    Doug Jacquemin

    07 June 2014 pm30 20:19 |
    Son of Many Willows, Well it has been 3 years now since we have lost him in 2011.
    mom has overcome her cancer and my brothers and sisters are doing good. Still not the same of course. I have stopped writing myself since his passing just because of other things happening. It will still be my passion to write now I have overcome my humps. Miss you daddy!! Thanks Jerry Lee for keeping his poems, his excitement alive. He loved you a lot my friend.

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