Land of 10,000 Lakes Part 2

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Paradise Valley


Jerry and I arrived in Arizona and found a motel in a town alongside the road we were travelling, a town not familiar to either of us.  It was Sunday evening and Jerry wanted to find a certain church the Holy Spirit was speaking to him to attend, and of which we had no previous knowledge.  We thought it must mean that he was to minister in the church.

Jerry told me he knew if we just started driving he could find it by the Spirit.  So we got in the car and he began receiving driving instructions by the Spirit.  We were to drive a certain ways one direction, turn, go over some railroad tracks, and drive on a further a little ways.  Having done so, we saw the church over on the left side of the road and pulled in to the parking lot. 

As we went inside we saw a group of people kneeling in prayer in front of the pews.  A man we presumed to be the minister was gathering some papers from the podium.  Presuming the prayer was in preparation for the meeting we sat down and waited.  Shortly thereafter, the people arose from their prayers and began leaving for home.  At this time we remembered that Arizona time was an hour ahead of California time, that we had entered another time zone. 

We got up and prepared to leave not knowing why we had come.  Then, as we walked a little ways through the front door toward our car, we heard a voice calling behind us.  It was the man from the front of the church we presumed to be the minister.  He was calling and inquiring:  Are you the man who plays the trombone?  At first we did not understand what he was saying, but as we got closer and it was clear what he was saying, Jerry answered:  Come over to my car. 

We walked to the trunk of our car where Jerry opened the trunk lid and showed him his trombone we carried with us.  Jerry said: Do you want to hear me play it?

The man then explained the mystery.  He was ministering in this church as it was exchange of pulpits night, and the Lord spoke to him that a man was going to be there who played the trombone. All evening he had wondered who this man was and made inquiries as to if anyone played a trombone. 

The minister told us that his church was in Paradise Valley, a town not far away, and believed we were meant to go there and hold meetings. 

Jerry and I went to Paradise Valley to that church and ministered to the people.  The Lord moved by His Spirit in a wonderful way in the discerning of spirits, amazing the people.  This experience was so precious to us all.

In Part 3 of this series I will tell about our meetings in Dallas, Texas, and all that the Lord did there

Manifestress Flo
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