Ghost Stories - Part 1

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My daughter suggested to me that my next posting on "The Seven Shepherds" should be concerning the ghost episodes in the big old house our family occupied in Brooklyn, Indiana. This property became the Indiana location of our School of the Prophets ministry.

We also ministered in the areas of youth rehabilitation, mental illness, alcoholism, and often took in what I call the "end of the roader". These were persons out of jobs, out of money, and out of ideas for how to save themselves from themselves.

How we found and acquired this southern style historic property which is listed in the Martinsville Library as one of the sites of the Underground Railroad, and was built by Senator Franklin Landers during the Civil War in 1862, is another story for another posting.

Our family arrived on this deserted plantation style property, complete with barns including large show cattle triple bricked two story barn, horse barn, corn shed, two story calves barn, garages, and etc. in early August, 1970. It had been an interesting trip with our two small girls and seven month baby all sleeping and camping in an older 13 ft. trailer pulled by our Fairlane Ford.

There was a muggy heat spell in progress and mosquitoes. We had been camping in that little trailer for nearly a month which also served to move all our worldly possessions. There were several other families who had traveled with us. A future son-in-law, eight years old at the time, was among one of the families.

Pulling into the driveway of this previously grand estate which sprawled over a ten acre site positioned on a hill above the village of Brooklyn, pop. 920 (sign never changed as long as we lived there), I was anxiously anticipating that very soon we would be out of the confined space of the small trailer. The first job at hand was the men clearing out debris from the house and getting the floors disinfected.

Juveniles had partied there and left the worse messes possible, using the floor for their toilet. We were a young and able bodied group and soon the very large old mansion was clean and disinfected.

Next, the men had to discover the source of the water for the house, which turned out to be down the hill a ways, an old artesian well historically named the "Eternal Spring". It had also provided water for the railroad in the early days.

In due course it was hooked up, but in the beginning we had to use an outhouse the men made in the corn crib. High grass, weeds, snakes: ugh! However, God had paved the way as there were big black snakes, or king snakes, who dined on the rattlers and copperheads already established on the property, and thus we never saw a poisonous snake on the property as long as we were there. But neighbours had them.

After the house was clean, even though there were no working facilities in it, I was anxious for the big roominess of the house. At this conjecture of situations, I learned that someone had seen us there and stopped by to warn us about the ghosts in the house.

Their story was that a woman had been pushed down the big front staircase to her death by a ghost. Other such stories were abundant in the area, and thus the place was deserted and waiting for us, as you can guess why.

Now, I had been cooped up in that little trailer for nearly a month, and no ghost story was about to keep me out of that huge house where I could spread out with my family. I declared in a no- nonsense voice: "I need that house and a roof over my head and they (the ghosts) don't.

They will have to find somewhere else to go, because I'm moving in!" Some odd expressions moved across the faces of some of the younger fellows, but they slowly began moving toward the job of getting our things out of the trailer and into one of the big upstairs bedrooms.

That included transferring the mattresses from the trailer to the floor of the big room, and some cook camping supplies including a two burner hotplate, portable bassinette for the baby, a few boxes and suitcases, and we were moved.

A species of bug called the "cockroach", and I became well acquainted right at the onset. This bug battle would go on for quite some time but I finally won.


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