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The Lord told us by dreams and prophecy that we were to find a certain property with various buildings on it. We were given a vivid description: the house would have pillars, and on the front of the house would be the initials “F.L.” There would be a fish farm within a certain number of miles, and every evening a curfew siren would go off that could be heard on the property. Six days we searched for this property and there were a few persons beginning to doubt it could exist. On the evening of the sixth day, Jerry told the people in our little group of families that only those who believed we would find this property on the seventh day were to go out for the search tomorrow, the 7th day . A number of persons remained in the camp, and only a few set out to search.

Some of our group had not been driving for long from where we were camped at the Spring Lake Campground (which was close to Waverly), when the prophesied property was found. By turning off the highway onto Centenary Road from Waverly, it was about as close as five miles to the village of Brooklyn. Driving over the bridge and through the small village, we proceeded up the road, over the railroad tracks, and to the amazement of our eyes, there it was: “The Hilltop Manor” property.

In fact it was only a short distance beyond the railroad tracks we came to a stop sign where the Old State Road 67 passed just below and followed around the bend of the property. The property was obviously deserted, high grown grass all around, and an imposing two story white brick old plantation style house rising in the grandeur of the long gone by. It was built on the high point of the hill, looming above the village of Brooklyn, a nearly depleted community of what was left of a once bustling community of enterprise and importance.

Now, the big old house was no longer inhabited and ghostly rumours spread around the entire area to the point there were those who feared living at such a premise. Upon a closer inspection of the house was found the “F.L.” initials, and also the date “1862” carved into the front side of the house. The house was built by Senator Franklin Landers in 1862, at the onset of the Civil War. We learned that this plantation raised horses and mules that hired hands would take to the front lines of the Yankee troops. Then the hired hands would bring back to the Lander’s plantation black escapees who were running away from the slavery of the Confederacy. They were cared for and kept in the basement of the big old house, a full basement with large rooms. Consequently, the old house and its property were listed in the state and local libraries as an official site of the Underground Railroad until this current day. There were those who acted as freedom conductors, especially certain individuals from the local Quaker community, who led the black escapees to the next station so they could flee to Canada where they could live as free people.

There were some of the ghost rumours connected to the black freedom seeking folks who had made it to the Hilltop Property Manor, but being in poor physical condition could not go on and died there. There was another rumour about a little girl who had died there, and a piano that could be heard playing by this child. There were some ghost stories that just sounded like something of a fiction, and other stories about people who felt their lives were threatened by living in the old Lander’s mansion. Yes, and a rumour of a person who had been pushed down the front stairs to their death.

We had been in the house for just a short period of time when various hauntings occurred: a piano playing in the middle of the night when there was no piano in the house (Jerry and I both sat up in bed and listened); footsteps going up the stairs and echoing down the hall when nobody could be seen, and the sound of someone getting ready in front of my dresser when there was nobody in the room (the girls would hear this one).

Jerry and I were both fearless about this situation but prayed that the ghosts would cease activity in the house. God answered our prayer and all ghost activity ceased inside the house. However, there was some annoyance on the outside of the house. We would hear the sound of a basketball bouncing outside on the porch. This was very real and at first we actually thought some of the boys were out there playing ball. Odd, though, so late at night? Finally realizing nobody was out there, we prayed concerning this situation also, and we never heard it again or experienced any ghostly phenomena on the property. Never did Jerry, myself, or the children have occasion to experience fear of this phenomena. God sent us there and we weren’t about to move out! This old plantation home was a wonderful haven of peace and contentment to us all.

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