Divine Intervention - Part 2

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Madison, Indiana, is known for its historic down town district. Main Street is located a few blocks up the hill from the Ohio River, the boundary between Indiana and Kentucky. Close to the river are well maintained historic homes with beautiful colonial architecture. Steamboat horns blow announcing the arrival of tourists.

Folks stroll the streets with cameras around their necks, enjoying the unique antiquity of the city. Our store, Madison Music, is located next to Lodge’s Furniture Store, a well maintained long standing business on the corner. Mr. Lodge, a fastidious business man in his 60’s, sells home furnishings. The Lodge’s have been part of Madison society for generations.

The rear of our building is an obvious add-on and later constructed than the original three stories. It is literally built using the standing wall of what is now Lodge’s Furniture for the inside wall. There evidently was a time when a neighbour or building inspector either did not notice or did not care. Now, this point becomes important to explain why the leaking gas easily penetrates the upstairs mezzanine of Lodge’s Furniture Store.

To make matters worse, Mr. Lodge has no sense of smell. Several customers comment about the gas smell. In the late afternoon Mr. Lodge waits on a family shopping for furniture on the mezzanine floor. The husband complains about the gas odor, but of course Mr. Lodge can’t smell anything. Abruptly, the husband states that he and his family are getting out of there and that the gas company should immediately be called. So, Mr. Lodge does just that. The gas man arrives in answer to Mr. Lodge’s call and discovers a meter reading so high that if anyone had struck a match the whole place would have blown to smithereens.

Thus, failing to locate the problem in Lodge’s Furniture Store, the gas company representative with his meter and Mr. Lodge come busting into my house seeking the source of the gas leak. Now, you see, without divine intervention Madison Music “AND” Lodge’s Furniture would have blown off the face of the planet. Just one turn of the knob on my stove, and that is exactly what Angelic Power stood and all of our destruction. I owe all to my Lord and God!!!

Manifestress Flo

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  • Charles Boyd

    Charles Boyd

    19 December 2011 pm31 17:58 |
    Praise the Lord,for your angelic intrvention! You and your family were under the full armor of the Lord for many reasons. He has a Plan.! The Manifester and the Manifestress have a Divine Mission and it must be completed. The darkness is in need of the Light and obviously you"r both doing just that! God Bless you and your"s.

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