Divine Intervention - Part 1

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I look at my watch. 20 minutes past 4:00 P.M. Time to get upstairs and start dinner. These are the thoughts going through my mind as I skip up the stairs that connect the apartment flat area with our main floor music business. It is an old 1840’s building, located in the downtown historic area of Madison, Indiana.

Our apartment flat has two floors, lots of room for storage on a third floor. What a busy day! Saturday is almost over; store closes at 5:00 P.M. Family members are spread throughout the building, some working in the store and younger children busy with their activities. Plumbers were here this morning but have finished and gone. The gas was turned off by the plumbers, but is now back on. Nothing seems extra-ordinary

Once at the top of the stairs there is a long hall leading from the front of the apartment flat to the dining room and kitchen. Striding along the hall I pass three doors to my left side which open to three separate rooms, all accessible from the hallway. Each one of the three rooms has its own fireplace; the building style is very old. Tall windows line the front and face Main St. As there are stores on either side of our building there are no windows on the two long sides of the building. The name for this type of living space above a store is a “flat”.

Stara, our oldest daughter, seated at a very long and old dining room table, is busily typing her Dad’s latest Manifest Revelations.  I have supper on my mind as this is the time I begin dinner, and no later. The store will soon be closed and the family will all come to the kitchen expecting the meal to be done. Once my mind turns to the matter of supper, getting food cooked becomes my total focus.

Approaching the end of the hallway, I pass an old banister and staircase that lead to the third floor. My next step places me directly in the open door of the dining room. Two steps down and I am in the dining room. Here, I mean merely to pause a moment to say hello to Stara. Then, after saying “Hi”, I declare how wonderfully the Spirit of the Lord has been moving and isn’t it all so exciting! Nodding and glancing my direction, Stara says “Hi Mom”. My feet not moving from the spot I am standing, I begin extolling the mightiness of the Lord. My mind is filled with rejoicing and praise to God for his loving kindness and faithfulness. Stara’s posture has changed and she now is attentively listening to me.

Something unusual is happening. My mind can think of nothing else than the mighty wonderful works of the Lord. I continue with praise upon praise and precious memory upon precious memory! It is a wonderful thing that is happening! The Testimony of the Lamb is coming forth and I feel it in every fibre of my being.

I am under a Glory Cloud, Overshadowed by the Mighty Presence of the Lord. I feel the glory of an angel or angels very near and cannot even think to go in the kitchen and turn on the stove, which is my very next intention. Yes, hurry and get a big pan of water started boiling for some pasta. But here I stand testifying of the Lord’s Salvation to the world and how fortunate I am to be a part of it. What is happening? In barely so much as moments I will realize it as “Divine Intervention by Angelic Power”.

CRASH! BANG! BOOM! The stairs behind the kitchen leading down to the back alley is invaded, a door forced open, heavy boots and shoes thunder, and I see a strange man and now recognize the second man as the adjacent corner furniture store owner. What?!! They are pulling my stove out from the wall, they are moving the refrigerator and table! I am feeling so stunned at this apparent rudeness. Their voices are excited! I am thinking that these men have no right to take such liberties in my home. At this moment, old man nature, or “woman” I rather should say, begins taking over. I run back to the front staircase and into the music store and call for my husband to come. Something is wrong! As Jerry and I enter the kitchen, the two men are coming from the far back room of the apartment flat and say that they have located the problem.

This is the explanation to the problem: when the plumbers left, they lit all the gas stoves but one. They forgot to light the one in the furthest room to the back. This room has a small gas heater which has been emitting gas ever since the plumbers turn the gas back on. The stranger is a man from the gas company with a meter he is carrying to detect gas levels. The gas level is high enough to blow our building off the face of the planet. The smell at the back of the apartment flat is stifling with gas odors, and we quickly open every window.

To be continued.

Manifestress Flo

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