Angels from the Realms of Glory

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One afternoon while driving back to our campground from the Iskut Indian Village high in the Cassiar Mountains of British Columbia, we drove around a corner where off to the left was a valley nestled in between the mountain ranges.  Jerry and I both gave out an astounded gasp at what our eyes were seeing.  Pillars of lights reached down from as high into the sky as the eyes could see and touched the earth of the valley.

There were four giant beams of light that could have nothing to do with sunlight, fog, or other types of environmental factors.  We had no camera with us which we greatly regretted.

Pulling off to the side of the road we both got out of the vehicle and stood amazed at what we were seeing.  It reminded me of a song:

Jerry wrote many years before:
There spans the gate of time
Like beams of light Divine
Where morning glories climb
What a wonderful world!

I also remembered the song: “Suddenly There’s a Valley”, which was sung at our wedding many years before:

Suddenly there’s a valley,
Where peace and joy begin.

Jerry and I have received so many experiences of encouragement from God and His Angels throughout the years.  This was our Lord and Savior once again revealing his miraculous love to us.

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