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Angels from the Realms of Glory

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One afternoon while driving back to our campground from the Iskut Indian Village high in the Cassiar Mountains of British Columbia, we drove around a corner where off to the left was a valley nestled in between the mountain ranges.  Jerry and I both gave out an astounded gasp at what our eyes were seeing.  Pillars of lights reached down from as high into the sky as the eyes could see and touched the earth of the valley.

There were four giant beams of light that could have nothing to do with sunlight, fog, or other types of environmental factors.  We had no camera with us which we greatly regretted.


Land of 10,000 Lakes Part 2

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Paradise Valley

Jerry and I arrived in Arizona and found a motel in a town alongside the road we were travelling, a town not familiar to either of us.  It was Sunday evening and Jerry wanted to find a certain church the Holy Spirit was speaking to him to attend, and of which we had no previous knowledge.  We thought it must mean that he was to minister in the church.

Jerry told me he knew if we just started driving he could find it by the Spirit.  So we got in the car and he began receiving driving instructions by the Spirit.  We were to drive a certain ways one direction, turn, go over some railroad tracks, and drive on a further a little ways.  Having done so, we saw the church over on the left side of the road and pulled in to the parking lot. 

As we went inside we saw a group of people kneeling in prayer in front of the pews.  A man we presumed to be the minister was gathering some papers from the podium.  Presuming the prayer was in preparation for the meeting we sat down and waited.  Shortly thereafter, the people arose from their prayers and began leaving for home.  At this time we remembered that Arizona time was an hour ahead of California time, that we had entered another time zone. 


A Land of 10,000 Lakes

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In the long of long ago, back in the days when we were young, Jerry received a vision in the night...or was it a dream?  In the quiet of the night, and from out of a deep sleep, a feeling alerted my senses and I said to Jerry, “What is it”?

Jerry told me about the vision and that he would be able to find the place on a map.  He said it had many lakes in the area and that there were two cities and a voice spoke and said: Go there!

I immediately got up and located a map. I brought the map to him where we were sitting on the bed.  He spread out the map on the bed and within a very short while found what he was looking for.  He pointed to the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and showed me the lakes situated around it.  As I began researching this area, I was astonished to learn that Minnesota is called “The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes”.  
We immediately began considering going to this place.  Jerry had a full time job at Breuners, a prestige furniture chain of stores that also sold pianos and organs in Stockton, California. We had also been pastoring a church, called: “Mosswood Assembly of God Church of All Nations”.  We were filling in for the pastor, Rev. Freddy Rogers, while he took a much needed rest. 


Ghost Stories 2

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The Lord told us by dreams and prophecy that we were to find a certain property with various buildings on it. We were given a vivid description: the house would have pillars, and on the front of the house would be the initials “F.L.” There would be a fish farm within a certain number of miles, and every evening a curfew siren would go off that could be heard on the property. Six days we searched for this property and there were a few persons beginning to doubt it could exist. On the evening of the sixth day, Jerry told the people in our little group of families that only those who believed we would find this property on the seventh day were to go out for the search tomorrow, the 7th day . A number of persons remained in the camp, and only a few set out to search.

Some of our group had not been driving for long from where we were camped at the Spring Lake Campground (which was close to Waverly), when the prophesied property was found. By turning off the highway onto Centenary Road from Waverly, it was about as close as five miles to the village of Brooklyn. Driving over the bridge and through the small village, we proceeded up the road, over the railroad tracks, and to the amazement of our eyes, there it was: “The Hilltop Manor” property.


Ghost Stories - Part 1

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My daughter suggested to me that my next posting on "The Seven Shepherds" should be concerning the ghost episodes in the big old house our family occupied in Brooklyn, Indiana. This property became the Indiana location of our School of the Prophets ministry.

We also ministered in the areas of youth rehabilitation, mental illness, alcoholism, and often took in what I call the "end of the roader". These were persons out of jobs, out of money, and out of ideas for how to save themselves from themselves.

How we found and acquired this southern style historic property which is listed in the Martinsville Library as one of the sites of the Underground Railroad, and was built by Senator Franklin Landers during the Civil War in 1862, is another story for another posting.


There’s a Light Shining Forth

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The Lord spoke to Jerry and said: “Go attend the Madison Christ’s Episcopal Church.” Jerry could not understand that request as he felt they were on a lower level of revelation. But the Lord insisted.   And thus my story begins.....

It was a beautiful Sunday morning with church bells ringing in Madison, Indiana, at Christ’s Episcopal Church. I sat with our family on one of the well maintained antique pews in the historic 1848 sanctuary admiring the stained glass windows and wonderful pipes from the organ loft where the organist was in place to begin the service. We attended the second morning service which was well attended by parishioners who enjoyed a more vibrant service than those who attended the 8:00 A.M. service, who were nick-named the “frozen chosen”. The sanctuary was filled with Episcopalians, many who were Spirit Filled. My heart thrilled as the pipe organist began working his craft. I felt it a privilege to hear those wonderful pipes being played. As the Historic Service began, the rector led the progression of layman and altar boys down the middle aisle to the front of the church.


A Shekinah Glory Experience

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Upon moving into the historically picturesque town of Madison, Indiana, we soon began making acquaintances of some fine Christian folks in the town.  Local young people had created an interdenominational youth group which seemed to be both active and sincere.  Our own teenagers soon found fellowship with members of this group.

Some who played musical instruments wanted to start up a band and would often meet for practice in our music store after business hours.   I can remember three of the band members who wrote their own music which was being used in several of the local churches.  Also, several in the band had beautiful singing voices and blended well together.


Divine Intervention - Part 2

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Madison, Indiana, is known for its historic down town district. Main Street is located a few blocks up the hill from the Ohio River, the boundary between Indiana and Kentucky. Close to the river are well maintained historic homes with beautiful colonial architecture. Steamboat horns blow announcing the arrival of tourists.

Folks stroll the streets with cameras around their necks, enjoying the unique antiquity of the city. Our store, Madison Music, is located next to Lodge’s Furniture Store, a well maintained long standing business on the corner. Mr. Lodge, a fastidious business man in his 60’s, sells home furnishings. The Lodge’s have been part of Madison society for generations.


Divine Intervention - Part 1

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I look at my watch. 20 minutes past 4:00 P.M. Time to get upstairs and start dinner. These are the thoughts going through my mind as I skip up the stairs that connect the apartment flat area with our main floor music business. It is an old 1840’s building, located in the downtown historic area of Madison, Indiana.

Our apartment flat has two floors, lots of room for storage on a third floor. What a busy day! Saturday is almost over; store closes at 5:00 P.M. Family members are spread throughout the building, some working in the store and younger children busy with their activities. Plumbers were here this morning but have finished and gone. The gas was turned off by the plumbers, but is now back on. Nothing seems extra-ordinary


Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis


  • In the long of very long ago...
  • Before the Genesis of this present world...
  • Seven Thunders rose from seven past universes.

Revealed to THE MANIFESTER by insights beyond this world, this is a story of pre-existent universes...

This is book one of seven writs Included is new revelation on the Holy Grail, the Ark of theCovenant, the Urim and Thummim, early Jesus years, and insights to overcomers and life after death.



Over 2500 Pages and 40 Years in the Making

Peace Manifest Bible

The Peace Manifest Bible is a Spirit to spirit Holy Spirit contextual interpretation... There is presently no other Bible like unto this Holy Pesher Bible with its many levels of transcendental writ.

It contains Threefold levels of insight to Scriptures that answers questions so distinctly that hearts become content who read it.

Ordained by Angels and prepared by a scholarly team of Spirit-filled School of the Prophets for Holy Spirit contextual-architect presentations.