The Coming Financial Prosperity of the United States

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As the mission of a drop of rain, so is the mission of God's people...The Lord promised that not one yod or tittle would pass from God's words.  Jesus knew what the Jews had done to the old language of the law and he did not agree.  Once the letter "y" was one of the largest letters of the Jewish alphabet, but in the days when Jesus was physically on Earth it had been made the smallest letter of the alphabet.  If the very Word of God has been messed with, then how clear it becomes that the Holy Spirit is the only way that the whole truth can be known...God revealed to me in the Holy Manifest:  "That which you see is not that which is, that which you see not is that which is".

Among strands of thought, among choices of trees, God selected evergreen trees which fall and winter could not penetrate against their hold onto the foliage of life.  So was furnished to humankind a symbol to understand that God is selecting minds that can remain ever-plush of the color of life in all circumstances, therefore being instant in season and out of season.  My friends, God offers you the power and the grace to endure to the end of your mission.

The evidence is in, the lie is nearly everywhere.  From the book of memories written many dawnings ago it was known that the Serpent of Lies would dominate much of the world via his diversions made out of a kind of cheesecloth deceit.    

Then the Lord said to me...go forth with the word and tell the visions you have seen in your head to whosoever will listen, that the world may know the things that are STIRRING and the things that are NOT COMING in this year.

THE THINGS NOT COMING IN 2012...         

1.  The end of the world is not coming this year of 2012...

2.  Failure wipe-out of the American economy of the USA is not coming this year of 2012

3.  World war 3 is not coming this year...

4. This year and the first few months of next year will bare a stinking record of the doomsayers for failed predictions and prophecies regarding major events. 


1.  Presidential hatred and plots for assassination... (I pray for his guards to keep vigilant)  

2. Future Prosperity of the USA is churning and a major outcropping has begun and will continue development this year and forward in the coming years.

3. The internet is being considered to become more and more like a super brain.  A schematic concept for such a creation via a super blueprint plan, is in the portfolio to begin the plotting by a group of sequestered experts for planning this year...

4.  An unknown prophet will reveal incredible knowledge about "Dark energy and dark matter"...     

5. A new positioning of Hyper-inflation is planned for vastly reducing the USA national debt, but in the course of time will be discovered no longer needed, due to the rising prosperity of America.   

The Downer Sayings of the Doomsayers

This is a generation of mixed seeds.  Persons not inspired, sounding off their horns with predictions such as follows in the rhyme below:

THE DOOMSAYERS SAY the following based on their "Translation" of events and things they think perceived:
A global crises is in the book
A staggering US national debt is the hook

The Federal Reserve is the crook
A shadow government is in the rook

Political ideologies of a new world order
To be born 2012, December's last quarter
The shrinking dollar not worth a dime
When Bankrupt America turns to slime

The dollar's once power to be the medium of exchange
gone to other world bidders who are using other lanes
Crash crash goes the world USA
According to what the Doomsayers say

Like Rome, the fiddle was playing
While this once great nation was decaying

Another voice says:  A kill strike is coming from the Sun galore
When its strike is done only a few will survive and no more
The Pulpit-Teers Screem: "Matthew 24", "Matthew 24" says the end,
Get ready to meet the judgement of your God, all you who are in sin

False prophets shout!  We've seen the light, We've seen the light,
We are chosen, we are fit, we know we're right, we know we're right
They say it is too late to save America...In the name of religion, falsely spoken scenarios are stressed to hold the minds of listeners hostage by fear.

They go on and on pushing fear to a peak of mental turbulence until all rational thinking is over-ended by confusion and disorientation.  The question is being asked:  is the church world programing their parishioners to panic? And What about those persons who in the name of money and fame are using fear to make their hoped-for millions.

The  Bible says they who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.

Then there are other voice orders constantly presenting ridiculous lie-levels wrapped in conspiracy theories and so neatly packaged they have even caught up persons who were once spiritually minded and turned them to a mind shift full of seas of dark thinking.

The Manifester  "Translates" events and foresight By the Spirit of Prophecy:

Then came the Manifester debunking doomsayer spew
standing strong, standing upright, among the very few

For over two thousand years the end has been prescribed
by doomsayers, false proclaimers, error, and of those who connived,
Further, the truth and future was mistranslated by those who configured forward by the history behind.

It is sad and wrong to thread the world with fear, because of not knowing the mystery of the times.

America will be spared from the shake of deaths not because she is pristine of faith in God,
But because in her are more than 10% of her population who have never bowed to Babylon's Rod.

America will rise again to the Crown-ship of First, and foremost of power and prosperity, while the awakened sleeping giant of Dragon seed is shocked.

In the time of blooms, a race to claim Mars will begin when it is discovered a place to live.  Russia will choose the Dragon's side to help its barrier doors to be unlocked  


As I write, Oil and Gas Boom-towns are on the rise across the United States of America, the half has not begun.  America will soon become one of the largest producers of Oil and Gas
as a result of hydraulic fracking operations.  Even as I write, new improvements to hydraulic fracking that will make it environmentally friendly are in procedure. 

Thousands of new jobs are being created...and Boom-town housing is in a bustle. New waves of technological innovations have been discovered that will open doors in America to one of its greatest ages of thriving.  

America is rich with huge deposits of natural gas.  A new discovery of how to liquify this gas and use it to replace gasoline and diesel has already been done and the diesel replacement product is already being used in the trucks of transporters across America.  This will bring about a huge reduction to the cost of fuel.  

Indifferent to what is being said by doomsayers and some economic analysts, even specialized accountants, and the news media... who can really know the future and how that God sends divine twisters of intervention!  And who can really know the mind of God other than His Prophets?

Over two years ago, in the midst of damming reports of a coming financial hell, I spoke of the coming tidal wave of prosperity coming to the United States of America.  These tidal waves are now not far from US shores.  How many prayers against cancer has it taken to be of enough stature to cause a spiritual rise to stir human minds as to the how to make medication that can replace chemotherapy and kill cancer cells or make injections or pills that can eliminate breast cancer or prostate tumors?   

One day soon earthquakes and hurricanes will rarely be powerful enough to tear down the new space age material now being made available to construct homes and business buildings.  Yes, it's here in the form of super light materials 200 times stronger than steel, and it is only a matter of very small time before these innovations can be set in place for action. such innovations include new materials and technology that will enable Atomic Power Plants to become immune to melt downs.


It is a supercharged revolution in communication, transportation, energy-electronics, Defense products, construction products, medicine, and nano surgery, incredibly long lasting batteries, home windows converted into solar systems, not to mention the find in America and Canada of rare raw resources worth more than gold and silver.  Also, there is the refinement of graphite into graphene as densely packed atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice put in sheets thinner than a human hair.  If a coffee cup was made out of this stuff it could support a car.  Add to the list of graphene, vanadium and beryllium.  These materials will change this present world into a space age reality far beyond the imagination of but a very few persons.

It would take pages, and probably a book to begin covering the status and financial changes coming to America due to the profound transformation material science is preparing to make on this world and especially the United States of America.  This would be especially a real point if I tried to cover the new super Star War advances of the United States for defense.  I will reveal some of this at a later time.               

There will be a transition gap of a small amount of time prior to the arrival of this major prosperity tidal wave.  Nevertheless,  good news and the events of these said things are happening every day.  Should you still prepare yourself in the survival sense?  Absolutely!  

This Manifest message is to comfort you, that if you will just hang and hold, and not allow the doomsayers to panic you into fear...Then you will get to see and live this new age of coming prosperity and health.  


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, The Manifester Yada

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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  • Erwin Wiebe

    Erwin Wiebe

    21 June 2012 pm30 13:58 |
    There are grounds for us human entities on earth in this age to not fear.
  • CharlesBoyd


    26 August 2012 pm31 16:48 |
    I am guilty of listening to some of the dark twitterings being spread around about corruption and finance. I value your teachings above all of others. I can feel the ring of truth and the ding of falseness all around us who are temporarily trapped in this tartaroo,I choose God's Word which is the Truth and pray for strenth and discernment for all.
  • DonaldSchmoll


    29 May 2015 pm31 20:58 |
    I have been reading and listening to these manifest teachings for the past few months. I just recently purchased and received Seven thunders Speak. I have to admit that at first some of these teachings have gone against my theological grain, but the Holy Ghost keeps me coming back for more. I have been ingrained with the doom prophecies and am still trying to resolve what I see or have been trained to see in the Bible and the teachings on this site. I must say that every time I get into these teachings I am in perfect peace. When I follow peace I always come to this website. Praise the Name of Jesus.
  • Mary Ferrell

    Mary Ferrell

    21 July 2016 pm31 22:58 |
    Your teachings give me both comfort and peace. I praise God for all the wonderful scripture references you give for your teachings. My entire bible is beginning to look like a red letter edition. Most of all I praise God for His revelation of truth which brings peace to the soul in the midst of a troubled world. Thank you and may God bless uou and your family.

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