The Clothes Mama Made

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When you look at me to day and see my clothes don't fit so well,
Please don't just see my coat all frayed and torn.
Look beyond my shirt and trousers with their rips and with their stains—
For many years this garment I have worn.

Mother went to heaven in a dress that she had made,
A hand-sewn garment mama made of plaid.
My mother was a seamstress, the best I've ever known;
She managed to make do with what she had.

She made sure that the clothes we wore were always clean and pressed.
She kept us looking good though we were poor.
And I always felt proud to know the clothes I wore to school
Surpassed those the other kids bought at the store.

But mother's up in heaven and she is sewing my new clothes,
A suit to wear when my life here is gone.
And when I get to heaven I know I'll feel proud again
Wearing a young man's clothes mother has sewn.

For when I get to heaven I know I’ll be clothed upon
With a garment made of mama’s tears and prayer.
So when you look at me today and see this garment— frayed and worn
Just remember what I’ll be wearing up there!


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Londis Carpenter

Londis Carpenter

Londis Carpenter is a published poet and author. He began his writing career at age sixty, after friends and relatives asked him to put his stories and poems into written form. This effort resulted in his first book, Sketches From Life, which received a five star rating from Midwest book Review - (READ MORE)

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