I Go There Oft’ In Dreams

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Imagination is the architect of dreams
And when it meets with knowledge, art and truth
It etches on eternity’s vast doors
Visions beyond vain logic’s need of proof.

Arising on the wings of fantasy
Worlds dwell, unknown to merely mortal men.
Places where souls aspiring higher realms
Have sometimes met their own angelic kin.

In night watches I go there oft’ in dreams;
Carried away to mystic realms afar.
Angelic figures hold me, hand-in-hand,
And ferry me to some enchanted star.

It’s there I meet with those who’ve gone before,
Sharing secrets too wonderful to keep.
Freed from the fetters, fear of death have held,
I’m swaddled in the comfort of my sleep.

My soul, ennobled by each nightly voyage,
Finds hope and strength to meet the coming day.
The architect of dreams, with hope and art,
Emerges to restore my feet of clay.

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