Beyond Invisible and Impossible

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My Journey So Far

It is written in the Hebrew Scriptures that two are better than one and a three ply cord is not easily broken. It’s a good saying and has many applications. I believe when he gave us Science, Religion and Politics the Creator in his infinite wisdom was offering man a three ply cord, attached to a lifebuoy and tossed into a world that was drowning in its own desperation. However, mankind, having only finite wisdom, foolishly allowed his lifeline to unravel until one by one each strand weakened and eventually the whole rope snapped. Who can deny that today each one of these three institutions is broken?

While they all claim to exist independently, the truth is that any one strand is meaningless without a connection to the others. Combined into a wholesome and balanced three ply cord they empower the human race, lifting us up from the slimy pit of barbarianism to the highest pinnacle of civilization. Separately, however, they only serve to enslave and rob us of human dignity and the freedom of self-expression.

Materialistic Science stumbles in the dark, seeking answers to questions that will never be forthcoming as long as it denies the light of spiritual reality. Religion has utterly failed to unite us and has instead become our biggest cause of war and division. And politics, which should be a way for a group of people to get together and make common decisions concerned with defining moral conduct and behavior, has been reduced to a comical Groucho Marx‘s definition: “The art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies.”

It’s no wonder that enlightened prophets and sages have always urged their disciples to avoid becoming entangled with political parties, pseudo sciences and overbearing religions, defined by one Master as “the cares of this world.” With all my learning and experiences on the journey of Life, I am finding myself becoming more spiritual, yet embracing none of the man-made denominations or religions; more philosophical, but having no particular philosophy; and with a scientifically curious mind unhindered by dogmatic theorems that would prohibit me from seeking truth in any direction (including the sacred cows of non-physical realms and preconceived impossibilities that the angels of science fear to tread).

I have come to understand that Science does not need to forego a belief in God, simply because it cannot find him, or reduce his elements into measureable qualities that can be weighed or captured in test tubes. Indeed, should it be otherwise, he wouldn’t be God. On the wings of my mind, thus set free from carnal limitations, I have begun to see into the invisible realm, dimly at first to be sure—but ever and ever more clearly.

I no longer act without purpose, no longer think without meditating, and no longer meditate without listening for the still small voice of the soundtron (the omnipotent, omnipresent, and universal voiceprint of creation, carried on the winds that emanate from the onset of the big bang). Does this make me a better person than any of my human peers? Not in any way.

The fact remains true; in spite of all manner of prejudices, fears and misunderstandings; that all men are created equal. But it does make me a better me. And isn’t that what the journey is all about anyway?

Beyond Invisible and Impossible
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