Bedtime Stories

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Bedtime Stories By Londis Carpenter

In my childhood, every night, when it was time for bed, After we prayed for God “my soul to keep;” I still recall the stories that my Mother to me read— To comfort me and help me go to sleep.

The bedtime tales she read to me were like a healing balm When monsters filled my childish heart with fright. Her gentle voice comforted me and always brought me calm; Her soothing words protected through the night.

When darkness came to frighten me, Mother was always there; Her presence helped relieve each childhood care. Her stories taught me to be brave; how to face every fear; To rise and meet the devil’s every dare. I’m older and now Mother’s gone; I’m in my senior years.

I have a loving Father up above. When darkness falls and brings to me a different set of fears, He loves me with a mother’s kind of love. He whispers bedtime stories in dreams that set things right After I pray “I lay me down to sleep.”

I love the bedtime stories Father reads to me each night To show me that my soul is His to keep.

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