an exhortation

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an exhortation


Let me begin by stating that I am not a prophet and only the least of shepherds. I do not say that the flock I have tended is the least, they are the precious sheep of the one true LORD GOD, but I only imply that my role as shepherd deserves no special merit. I am merely a man of flesh and blood, not a whit better than any other man.

This being said I am about to speak words of exhortation that the Spirit of the Lord has laid upon my heart. I have seen that the church in America is in need today of serious introspection and repentance because we are in the process of self-annihilation as some of us carelessly speak and prophesy hate-filled words of condemnation against our own country and its leaders. Some of our own prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists are perhaps the most guilty since they continually and publicly prophesy doom, gloom and treachery in fear-filled words from their own political stance and are thereby scattering the flock of God and dividing my country. Regardless of any true Christian’s personal political or religious stance or voting choice at the polls, this should not be so. It is anti-productive, contrary to the heart of God and dangerously antichrist. David who was “a man after God’s own heart” bears witness that the people of God should not rile against their leader with weapons (words are the mightiest weapons ever made) because there is a God in heaven who ultimately appoints and anoints kings and presidents and governors. King Saul sought David’s life, yet David would not put forth his hand against him because, as king, he understood Saul was the Lord’s anointed. No matter what I think about a man or his politics, I have set my heart to not prophesy or speak against my president or my own country and its leaders. I deem both to be an anointed gift from God. I will cast my vote at the polls privately, but regardless of who wins, I understand from the word of God that “the most high ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.” (Daniel 4:17). Brothers and sisters in Christ, I implore that you consider these words and stop killing one another by your misguided words. If you feel your government agents are evil and contrary to the welfare of America, Do as the apostle said. “Bless your enemy and do not curse him.” Pray for your leaders and your country and ask God to intervene, but do not yield to the temptation to join your own voice with those who would curse your own blessing, this amazingly blessed country your Heavenly Father has provided you. Openly bless and keep the unity of the faith; and when they ask what you think of this or that leader, simply reply, “I cannot speak against him right now because I am praying for him and I won’t be double minded. and nullify my own prayers” You needn't waste any more words than that on the matter. Just say no more and go on your way, praising and thanking the Father of Lights as you bless your country and its leaders and its people.

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