A Shekinah Glory Experience

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Upon moving into the historically picturesque town of Madison, Indiana, we soon began making acquaintances of some fine Christian folks in the town.  Local young people had created an interdenominational youth group which seemed to be both active and sincere.  Our own teenagers soon found fellowship with members of this group.

Some who played musical instruments wanted to start up a band and would often meet for practice in our music store after business hours.   I can remember three of the band members who wrote their own music which was being used in several of the local churches.  Also, several in the band had beautiful singing voices and blended well together.

However, the personalities did not always blend together so well during the practice sessions.  The young drummer had a fast temper and at the drop of a pin would up and walk out on the practice.  There were others with opposing ideas of musical arrangements. 

It was during one of these practice sessions that one of the musicians came upstairs to ask for my husband’s help with the attitude problem that was at an impasse.  With some patient counselling and advice tempers began to calm and the Spirit of the Lord was called upon to bring peace and harmony to the group.

From upstairs I began to hear beautiful harmonious music.  Jerry had returned upstairs and problems seemed resolved.  The strains of the music floated to my ears:  “Ascribe greatness to the Lord, our God, His work is perfect and all his ways are just!”  Suddenly we could hear fast footsteps pounding up the front staircase.  Uh, Oh!  What now?

One of the young persons was excited and anxious for us to come downstairs and see the misty smoke that was gathering at the ceiling of the store.  What did we think it was?  Was it smoke? How could that be?  We came down and watched it move, spread out, and then thickened in certain areas.  Jerry immediately recognized the presence of Shekinah Glory, such as what came down over the Children of Israel as they prayed: “Oh Give Thanks Unto the Lord for He Is Good! And His Mercy Endureth Forever!” 

What an exciting witness this was to the young musicians that the Lord was pleased with their new found unity and harmony.  The very next day the rector of the Episcopal Church, who was spirit filled, said that he was across the street at the Baskin Robins Ice Cream store with his family, and he sensed that something was going on in the music store.

He had almost walked over because of his strong sense that something spiritual was happening. He enquired of us what happened.  As we told him the experience with the Shekinah Glory, he witnessed it and believed us that it had happened.  He wished he had come over.  Also, he said that before going to get ice cream he went into his sanctuary and prayed over all the pews and welcomed the Spirit of the Lord and his angels into their midst.  He said he felt an unusually strong presence of the Lord as he did so. 

To be continued....

Manifestress Flo

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