A Land of 10,000 Lakes

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In the long of long ago, back in the days when we were young, Jerry received a vision in the night...or was it a dream?  In the quiet of the night, and from out of a deep sleep, a feeling alerted my senses and I said to Jerry, “What is it”?

Jerry told me about the vision and that he would be able to find the place on a map.  He said it had many lakes in the area and that there were two cities and a voice spoke and said: Go there!

I immediately got up and located a map. I brought the map to him where we were sitting on the bed.  He spread out the map on the bed and within a very short while found what he was looking for.  He pointed to the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and showed me the lakes situated around it.  As I began researching this area, I was astonished to learn that Minnesota is called “The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes”.  
We immediately began considering going to this place.  Jerry had a full time job at Breuners, a prestige furniture chain of stores that also sold pianos and organs in Stockton, California. We had also been pastoring a church, called: “Mosswood Assembly of God Church of All Nations”.  We were filling in for the pastor, Rev. Freddy Rogers, while he took a much needed rest. 

During this time, the church’s numbers grew from approximately two rows of young people and two or three rows of adults, to standing room only.  Sunday School classes were full and growing.  At least two thirds of the congregation were teenagers.  We had wonderful Holy Spirit filled meetings and organized activities such as a ski trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, renting a bus and having a barrel full of fun. Rev. Rogers was feeling much better and we were aware he would be happy to reclaim his church. 

The Breuner’s Store, where Jerry had worked, was one of nine department stores in Northern California.  They represented top furniture lines of the day and had a reputation for top quality and elegance.  Jerry managed the Piano and Organ Department and was awarded the number one salesman for this department out of all the Breuner Stores, including Sacramento and San Francisco.  So, of course they were not happy when Jerry resigned and was  leaving.  

We decided to take our time driving to Minnesota and make stops to hold  revival meetings at churches.

I will next write Part 2, and tell about some amazing events that happened on this trip.

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