Without Vision You Will Perish

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Ones sense of having vision has been diluted into the cortex of limited synapse that restrains the ability to truly see what is right in front of them.

A typical human eye can only see visible light that responds to wavelengths from about 390 to 750 nm, and in terms of frequency, this corresponds to a band in the vicinity of 400–790 THz. The human eye cannot see ultraviolet or infrared light that is just outside the visible spectrum.

Many insects and animals including birds and bees, can see in the ultraviolet spectrum that remains invisible to the human eye.

So are we to assume that God had given animals, birds and insects better vision than spirit souled humans? Or maybe vision, as we understand it is not vision at all.

Revelation and Prophecy is something that modern day religion would say is for the select few and many would suggest was only for the Apostles in the time of Jesus. Try to explain to almost anyone that you have had a revelation or had a prophesy; you will most likely be met with contempt, distain and disbelief.

I believe that the Forces Dark have played a significant role in taking those things of light like having vision and literally turning them dark.

The word (Vision) in the Bible has been misunderstood due to translation and poor context. The word Vision had a much different understanding in the time it was written than it does by us today.

Scripture tells us without vision we will surely perish Proverbs 29:18. (VISION – H2377 From H2372; a sight (mentally), that is, a dream, revelation, or oracle: - vision.)

Is it any wonder that the word to “SEE” in the bible is - Strongs H2372 - A primitive root; to gaze at; mentally to perceive, contemplate (with pleasure); specifically to have a vision of: - behold, look, prophesy, provide, see.

Having Vision or being able to See has very little to do with visible light, and has everything to do with having the gift of revelation and prophecy.

We need to ask ourselves… Do we have Vision? Are we able to See?

How about putting it like this: Do we have the gift of Revelation? Do we have the gift of prophesy?

The answer is one in the same! Once we are able to have the gift of revelation and prophesy we can only then know we have Vision according to God.

Proverbs 29:18 - Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Ex Astris

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Bryan Parks - Ex Astris

Bryan Parks - Ex Astris

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