The Holy Password to Genius

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Hidden in plain sight, the gift of light and genius is concealed in a password that  the children among us know all too well! The spark of genius in a child is often typified by the manner in which the child asks "Why?"

Sadly in the world today, the spark of light (genius) is usually soon quenched by turning the sadistic screw sometimes named euphemistically - empiricism and pragmatism.

The child’s spark of genius, the desire to find out how and why current or past ideas and events of the world came into existence, is quickly replaced by parents and educators in faith of the fruits of individual and collective experience, a form of moral self-degradation often termed “Common Sense” or “Horse Sense” (bestiality).

The innate spark of light, the potential genius in every human child that absolutely sets apart all mankind from and above the beasts, is recognized by the writings of Moses’ as displayed in the second chapter of Genesis; (compare Gen 2:7 KJV) that the Soul is the aspect of man (Adam) that is, the image and the connection to God.

The history’s great teachers and philosophers knew that using the Socratic method (“why?”) captured the innate spark of potential in a child. To this day many still try to understand where those who have the desire for knowledge and truth capture the innate wisdom and knowledge.

There is a natural (physical) wisdom and knowledge and there is a spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Jesus said; your faith should not stand in the wisdom of the natural man but in the power of God. (Compare 1Corinthians 2:4-13 KJV).

The need to continue to search for knowledge and truth lies deep within our Soul, and as Jesus said to the disciples the fullness of the truth was the ability of the Holy Spirit to restore the lost memory (compare John 14:26 KJV).

With the Holy password to genius, pray and ask God with a mighty heart for truth, wisdom and knowledge, as true genius – comes by the Kingdom within (Holy Spirit). (Compare Luke 17:20-21 KJV)

God will answer your prayers.

Ex Astris
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Bryan Parks - Ex Astris

Bryan Parks - Ex Astris

Bryan contributes under the pen name Ex Astris (from the stars) as one of the Seven Shepherds and is the webmaster and technology director for The Manifester and Peace Manifest Ministries...

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