Love Thy Neighbor!

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The one thing Jesus taught was to love one another and not to judge! It is so sad for me to see people using scripture and the word of God in such a dark way as to attack, mock and ridicule what they do not agree with, know or understand..

Please lets try to remember that Jesus was crucified because no one understood what he was saying or teaching. Unfortunately many people today still live in the glass darkly! "If we do not understand Earthy things, how could we understand Heavenly things"

If all else fails - - Jesus showed us there were only 2 commandments we were to follow from the original blessings - Love thy God with all your heart and soul, and to love thy neighbor as you love yourself.. (paraphrase)..

There is a huge battle going on between darkness and light... Jesus is light and is full of Love, forgiveness and kindness..... Anger, fear and judgement are not part of the ministry of Jesus but that of the forces dark! (Ephesians 6:12)

The key to overcoming is through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus can be resurrected in each of us through love and kindness...

May the peace love and joy of God reign down on all and bring the light of the Holy Spirit into our hearts.

God bless



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Bryan Parks - Ex Astris

Bryan Parks - Ex Astris

Bryan contributes under the pen name Ex Astris (from the stars) as one of the Seven Shepherds and is the webmaster and technology director for The Manifester and Peace Manifest Ministries...

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  • Lonny


    09 September 2011 am30 03:48 |
    Thanks for the good word Bryan. So true and so timely. Love covers a multitude of sins.

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