Be still my son don’t you cry

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Be still my son don’t you cry
The lord is with you standing by your side

You are safe in his arms
Don’t worry this bad dream will end
It’s all a temporary state of mind

This temporal place will trick you with pain
Wanting to work for things that have no gain

So here it is my child another chance
Open your eyes see the place
A place no one can hide.

The Lord opens the eyes
To see a place you did not realize
Don’t be scared

This place is a place to learn
To face the fears and the find the ancient years

Ride the dreams of your mind
Finding the other time and place

Then you will hear and see
This magic place of love and grace

Open your mind for Him
Don’t rely on your eyes to see

The walls you built inside
Will come tumbling down
A new reality will take place

Many times in this place you will learn
He will keep you safe from suffering and pain
Your soul set free to fly

Escape this place in your mind
Look to the place that dreams will make
The round trip journey to this place of peace

Love and life you will be
A Spirit a Soul you will claim

Make no mistake you again will fly
With the one creator of all that is of light

Dream the dreams of love and light
Don’t let this world keep you dark

The Secret is “You are the light”

Ex Astris
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Bryan Parks - Ex Astris

Bryan Parks - Ex Astris

Bryan contributes under the pen name Ex Astris (from the stars) as one of the Seven Shepherds and is the webmaster and technology director for The Manifester and Peace Manifest Ministries...

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