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May the I AM grant the prolonging of our days so that we can each fulfill our destinies among mankind, through daily communion with the Lord Jesus Christ, remembering Him.....

1. The long way 'round;
My thirst profound,
To rest from my distresses.

No finished files;
Confusing dials;
No signs to set direction.

Alone I feel,
Without appeal,
Though many souls surround me.

We're not in touch:
Wrapped up too much.....
In the long way 'round - astounding!

2. The long way 'round;
Man's reign dumbfounds;
My mind has been tormented.

No feasts are kept:
No unison steps:
This lostness, too perplexing!

Programmed lies
My peace defies;
The taunting voices rising,

"We've got you now!".....
Wait, just tell me how,
That this long way 'round defeats me!

3. The long way 'round,
Still on the ground,
Fenced in by storms that threaten.

But the light's still green,
In this crazy scene,
Of my zig-zag journey taken.

So I'll look today,
For another way;
My heart steps up expecting!

Yes, I'll try some way:
LORD prolong my stay!
On this long way 'round, rejoicing.

Erwin H Wiebe
Feb. 2015

Deep Root
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