Spiritual Advancements

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A Rendering of Psalm 23 June 23rd, 2013 The LORD is our Shepherd..... Keeping our thoughts on things above, and on the Invisible God we love, We always have plenty of wherewithal to prosper in all we do. He makes us pause for interludes of suspended rest, In order for us to feel the refreshing God winds of his Love. He restores us with strength to finish the course. He leads us in the paths of those who stand in uprightness, As the daughters and sons of the most high God. Even though we have fallen, we will not fear, even our own deaths, For we belong to the circuits of the heavenly gospel message. And the all-sufficient grace of Christ comforts us. He has provided this time of grace on planet earth for all of us, to overcome our own sin and folly with Satan, And He has set his Kingly seal of protection on our beings, in the midst of the presence of evil spiritual forces. Our thought patterns of love for God, each other, and all of human kind, overflows in spiritual advancements! Surely He will always be with us and speak fittingly to each of us, All the days of our lives; And afterward we will live with Him, together with the rest of the Church of the Firstborn registered in heaven, to be with Him, FOREVER and EVER in His Home!

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