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I call on you, says the Lord - Not for flatlining in subduction zones like that of the earth where you are, but for ever-shining, again, in your heavenly home!

Do not cling to the old normal that is comfortable and lulls you as humans into ceaseless slumber, but adhere to a new normal of trusting through the changes current and coming!

Do not cherish the same old-same old, but anticipate and embrace the always of the future risings of your individual spirits in triumph!

I call on you, says the Lord - Not for lukewarm meandering through life, but for the magnificence of fired up focus and resolve with every breath you take!

Do not be in lockstep with the march of distress but be in lockstep with the rise-up of new visions!

Do not bypass responsibility by worshipping leisure but feel the pulse of love in your innermost being, not of this world, but for this world, that beckons you into action! .....You know that I care, so take someone else's hand in their dark hour of need and show them that I care for them too!

And, linger not in the dull colourlessness of shallow rut existence, but step out and up in your minds, into the full light of communionship with the angels among you, that watch over your going and your coming.

And do not just parrot a single convenient, popular philosophy of your day, but blaze higher trails of forerunner, creative thoughts, consistent with the grandeur, diversity, and universal appeal of the Holy Ghost and Fire of Love Divine!

Deep Root
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