Sweet Song of Life

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Sweet Song of Life, come tap on the window of my heart so that I might swoo in the presence of Your Love. Faith is the key that makes our hearts flow like an angelic river as our spirit comes to cuddle our heads when we pray. This world is dull and dark, but You turn it into beauty and life.

O’ Yahvael, let me kiss the gems that decorate around Your heart as Your Holy Spirit tickles my lips to glow like the moon. Let my spirit dance with Yours as the clouds open up like doors for us to waltz inside. You have made Love into an art that soothes the flowers to come and cuddle Your face.

I want to bathe in that Love until it seeps through my pores and honeys the grass like dew. I’m not afraid of going that extra mile to get to where I need to be. Lord, let me never exit Your Grace, for Your Grace is the beauty that protects us. You provide everyone with a chance of opportunity to fulfill our destinies, but You also give us freedom of choice for us to choose what path we want to be on.

You have a plan of eternal salvation; and though I know there can be set traps along the way that can hinder u,. You believe in the good and make everything into a plus whether it was influenced by the dark force or not. Father, though at times I am ignorant, please teach me Your art of Love that splashes colors upon the walls. Surely if one can learn how to paint, one must be able to learn the art of Love.

My heart is open like a book for You to come fill with the ink from Your golden pen. I will be humble; I will believe; I will wait upon the Lord my God; and I will Love You with all my heart, mind, and Soul. Selah!

Angel Whispers

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