Beyond the Edge of Ignorance

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O' Swirling Rainbow that dots every "i" and crosses every "t", Jesus Yahvael.  Your mercy encompasses us like an eternal cocoon of Love. Like a babe, You cradle us in Your arms of aura adornments, that crystalize before our eyes and glisten in our hair. O' how the angels' hums rock us to sleep as we dream: dreams not of this world, but of enchantments that journey beyond the furthest star.

There are many paths we can take, but not all paths lead to our Destiny. Yet, You give us free moral choice. To Love You is a choice; to have Faith is a choice; to be Loyal is a choice, etc. But if the choices were taken away, what would be left would be robots who do as they are told and lose the beauty of their uniqueness. O' how Satan would Love to see this earth crumble to its pitfalls and laugh at our ignorance. Father, I know that if  we do take the wrong path, You will never laugh at us nor spit in our faces. You will stay by our sides, and Love us eternally. Who could ask for more?

The beating of Your heart is like tiny drums that beat inside hummingbirds, yet so beautiful in Light and crescendos of angel laughter. How the angels wings wish to fly out to help the people of this world see the Light; but God is not a God of force, so he waits until we pray. By praying, God allows the doors to be opened, and the angels to swoop in with the wonderments of Ah to kiss the faces of many until their faces are aglow in the spirit of Love.

We can try with our own knowledge to decipher patterns on the walls, but without Your knowledge we will not get far or get anywhere. O' we may think we are going somewhere, but in all reality we are going around in circles. So many things of this world have been turned into something it is not.  Satan has turned love into a weapon to use and be used as a combination between lust and lies, but I know that it is only a matter of time before those walls come crumbling down and vanish into thin air.  The Love of the Lord will come like clear waters purifying every spirit and manifesting the real truth (Isaiah 1:18 KJV).

Yahvael, let me not trail along the edges of muck where so many have tried but have fallen due to their own ignorance. I do judge anyone for what choices they have made. I did not live their life; I have not seen what they have seen nor do I have the same genetics, but lead me on a path where the footprints are still fresh of Jesus Christ like whispers of angel prayers.

There are waves of visions of Light that wait to be born.  If only we could tap into these energy dots, how our minds would expand and we would see the world in a new Light.  How the rivers would flow like milk and honey!  O' Sweet Lamb, You enrich the lives of many and quench their thirst. You are the All in All the I-AM AND I-AM. You are the sun in the morning and moonlight at night. Destiny is Destiny, yet fate is blindfolded to the truth. God counts every heartbeat, answers every pray, and hears every cry. Trust God no matter what circumstances, and everything will turn to happiness and peace in the end (Matthew 6:33 KJV)

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