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Let us never seek vengeance or utter ugly and hard sayings against any souls who may yet be saved.  Plant in our ears the songs of Your love--cause our voices to sing with tongues as angels.

Deliver us from provacations and temptations so that we may be always brightened for worship of Your goodness and awesomeness.

Teach us how to reveal to the world Your greatness and Your magnitudes.   Allow us to not become narrow in our thinking as to the graciousness of Your mercy and precious love.

Let not our days seem long and boring to us, yet cause us to enter into Your rest from day to day. Please precious almighty God be with us this day.

Although much of the world does not understand, You O' Lord have been our dwelling place in all generations.  By Your Spirit, "In You, we live and move and have our being" even as mortals we are the Temple of Your Holy Ghost.

O' Lord give Your angels charge over us to protect us from all harm.  Make us strong of heart and mind so that our feet can trample the dragon under our feet.

When we call upon You O' Lord hear and answer us according to Your grace and according to Your mercy's sake. 

Give us long lives so that we can finish the work You have given us to do.  Though many who love you not and worship You not perish, have mercy on us and count us not as them.

Cause us to flourish even against all odds and over all circumstances.  Broaden our minds O' Lord to think of Your love and to desire Your presence.

May Your chariots that belong to Your Kingdom fly our skies.  May angels choose to flock and camp around about us, always being ready to protect us from dashing our feet against the hard rocks of life. 

Give us immunity from the poisons in this world, deliver us from  the snares of our enemies.  Set not our iniquities and secret sins before You, but by Your grace blot them out.  

Let us not have to wait until we are old and sick to benefit of Your mercy and grace.  Blessed be Your name Lord and glory be to You in the highest.

Jerry O. Lee, The Manifester Yada

Give us a constant song of rejoicing

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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