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I pray for world salvation. I pray for world peace. Give us power, O’ Lord, over the powers and principalities of evil. Teach us prayers of such strength that praying them will cause the spirits anti to God to howl and flee. Give us God-Love so strong that a faith will rise in us capable to turn the darkest midnight into the greatest light of day.

May an aura of such happiness surround us that every depressed person that touches us or sees us or talks to us is healed and given an awareness that this gift of deliverance is from the Kingdom of God.

Teach us meekness so that we can inherit a place of worship at the Father’s House. Let us not concentrate on the mansions that abound in that wonderful place, but rather how many lost ones we can lead home.

Those that you have given me to be accountable for of family, I pray to be daily refreshed in Love for them and desire to protect them by prayer and works. Let me not fail to praise and thank you, dear God, for each and every day that you give me and my family to live.

May the blessings that you bless me with be contagious to my loved ones so that they are also blessed. May no day ever come upon us to rob from us the peace and joy You have given us. For I know I am human with human emotions and works of nature that must be shed as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Please forgive me of my trespasses and ignorant ways.

Allow me yet time to finish my destiny here on Earth. Let there be this record: that I this now forgive all persons who hold anything against me, and I pray they will also be led to forgive me in the same way.

I pray for knowledge to rise in such a fashion that seeking Love will become the first consideration of every soul. Show us how, Lord, to seek first Your kingdom and righteousness. Show us how to go deeper and deeper into the city of God. When days like rocks in our pathways come upon us, show us the power of grace to handle each of these days.

Print Your name and kingdom in our minds so that there will never be a mind war we must fight that we will not win. Give us each day our sleep and rest, and provide us with our daily needs so that our mouths sing and our hearts are glad and we are made full of thanksgiving to You, our precious Lord and God. Let not the prayers of your humble servant be in vain. Amen!

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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