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I looked upon the waters who were the people of life I knew and loved.  The paths some of them had taken made wounds of concern in my heart.  Conundrum upon conundrum rose as trembling beats of awareness of those ones falling into the darkside of nature came to my seer eyes. 

Between two moments there is the Sun and the Moon.  The Sun is symbolic of the Lord of day, and the Moon is symbolic of the Lord of night.  Both lights have their own kind of beauty.  Under those two lights, either good or not good can be pursued. 

I exhort you whom in agony of prayer I have stood in the gap for.   In your strife with the blood of life cast your steel into the flames that your cast may be tempered and polished by the Love of God that will give you power over your mortal.

May the angel of your presence blow the trump of morning into your ear.  May then a great brightness rise in you that will banish the clouds of obstruction.  Lift a good decision to the Sun and follow its reflected rays ...there you will find destiny. 

Somewhere along the path you have taken, go to the hymm book, find the song:  I'm coming home,  and sing it. 

With quills and fiery pens I will continue to write the Holy Sacred writ until I lay me down to sleep.  If I never see you again on these shores of life, I pray I will meet you in the morning by the river that flows from the Father's House. 

You have this time to pause and reflect between two this good moment come home to love and ignore the other moment that drags all it followers into unforgiven paths that lead far from love.   

For I say to you: the stars that shine in the galaxy of my mind will not stop their search for the return of your soul... until the day they see you home again.  In the spirit of my spirit and the heart of my hear I love all of you and nothing will ever change my mind. 

Please step out of the crevasses of your angers, your judgements, and wandering of mind to those places so far far away. Ther are no persons living on Earth who I have not forgiven, and no persons who have passed to the other side I have not forgiven.  I have been baptised in the river of God's Love.

I pray for angels watching from galactic haloes to kiss away the dust that has blinded many souls of this world to God's shining truth -- which is the period called love, put to be the end of all suffering and hurts and the end of separations.  

My prayers and my Love follow you forever...

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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