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Dear Holy Light that shines from above, blessed be Your Light that devides the darkness --

In this Universe You do not seek to eliminate the Universal darkness for the darkness is a great backdrop to the star-suns that shine.  There is something beautiful in the contrast.

Even so O' Lord allow something to be made beautiful between the contrast of my mortal life and my spiritual life.

I instinctively  know I must not curse this mortal body because of it's animal aspects.  For You God by the oracles of miracles have made this mortal human body capable for being for each person a Temple of the Holy Ghost.

I have come to understand that if I am to exercise this great occupation of the Holy Ghost in the Temple of my body, my love for myself must reach heights of self forgiveness that will fulfill me loving my neighbor as I love myself. 

Therefore, now Lord, do I understand in a great part, Your unconditional Love Dear Lord Jesus Christ.

When our mortal beast rises out of the sea of this world, we must seek transformation with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.

The beast in mortals is animal and seeks it's own and will covet things for itself that are more than it's needs. 

Then You come God, so wise, so bright, and You Love us inspite of the mortal animal we are, and the often times fool we mortals act out.

What can I say:  Woe is me?  Lord, I say it not!  Because I will not insult Your Love of forgiveness and salvation.

Therefore, I praise You and Glorify Your name, O" Lord my God.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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