A Prayer of Jerry O. Lee, July 7th 1999...

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O Lord today is 25 years from the day my precious saint grandmother Lillie, accented from this earthly state.  I loved her so much and still do.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a part of her spiritual life, to pray with her each day and be the recorder of her prophecies.

By your mercy I learned that on this Earth factory there is a great preparation in the making for the lauching of those destinata who are the Morning Stars...Praise be the almighty I AM who has lit those stars who will rise.

Praise thee O' God for the destinata.  May rivers of love and knowledge flow from their inner most beings.  They shall walk upon the flames of life and not be burned.  They shall come together from all nations to meet and share and sing---Bless them Lord God Almighty and cause Your face to shine upon them.

Let flashes of Light and glorious vapors and pillars of Light witness among them.  Let them also behold auras and angels of their presence.  And when they have seen these glories le them exlclaim:  The face of the Lord God I AM shines uupon us.  "We must decrease, The Holy AM must increase".

Teach us O' Lord how to praise you.  May our prayers be as songs, may they open the arcanums of the heavens --may they open seals and pass through doors.  May they vibrate the soundrons.  May the thrones of the thunders cuddle our prayers and turn them into healing kisses that will descend like the moisture of holy dew.  

  When the broken and desperate, the sick and wounded of body and health stand before us, give us Amtrictic charge that we mahy grant unto these needy relief and healing. 

Let us not be mocked of our porayers or made fools because we extended empty hands knowing You O Lord would annoint them. 

When demons who have possessed human bodies stand in challenge before us force those devils to flee at our word.  Infuse us with discerning of spirits, embue us with wisdom, crown us with a spirit of thankgivings. 

I pray for world peace, for world salvation, I pray for my family for their peace, salvation, forgiveness of sins, for their protection and healing.  Blessed is your mercy and tender love.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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