The blood of Abel cried out to God

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Newtown Connecticut Shooting


sandy-hook-elementary-school-shootingThere is sometimes, a sorrow of event that takes the breath right out of the air of life...Newtown School Shooting, was such an event...

The Bible says that the blood of Abel cried out to God from the ground. So it was on that day at Newtown School, "love lies bleeding" called to God, who is Love, to gather His flowers into the Master Bouquet.

The body passes on into memory but the spirit returns to God who in love gave it. Somehow, I know it is possible that even in such short times of life, those little persons have been so powerful and loving of presence, they have affected the good of things to keep flowering even as if they had lived.

So let it be that the good that would have been, is sprung to grow as if these little persons had been allowed to live out their time. We love them so much!

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Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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