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I saw an Eagle high and lifted up. Upon an exalted place I saw her nest. And I saw that an ant colony was being built beneath her nest. The Eagle mind was very displeased of mood by what she saw. I watched until I saw a great turmoil begin between mass gangs of sparrows and eagles. Consternation raged everywhere upon the exalted place of her nest.

Then said I, woe are the times, for even Peace is wearing a helmet of war. Expectation was constant for the worst of things to happen. Other nations could not seem to move in any certain directions. Even national spider webs were broken.

Then, the Word of the Lord, came to me: Son of Dust, swoo your dust into a persona of defiance. For I have chosen to give you the vision of eyes that see into the future. Today you shall pray for peace, tomorrow you shall pray for war. Hell has chosen to meet you on the battle plain. Therefore, go forth, for in your mind I have placed "the stone cut out of the mountain made without hands".

When you meet Hell on the plains of war, he will say to you: surrender! Then will you THINK...for the stone cut out of "the mountain made without hands" to fly from your mind like a holy missile into those worms of Hell, who dared to challenge my anointing upon you. I say to you, this Word will even kill those never die worms.

Now laugh at Hell, for even hell cannot stand before the word of God... Son of Dust, prophesy and say: behold the time of trouble is wet with the slime of false predictions by politicians who are drunk with ignorance and greed. The people of the Great Eagle of the United States of America who are the ants and the sparrows have believed their lies and turned against the feathers of their own mother, the Eagle, who mothered them.

Voices of sour ministries under the guise of Christendom, have used their pulpits and churches to propagate lies by propagating false charges against the soil of their own nation, the Eagle, where they were born. Therefore, I will destroy their traditions, and if they don't repent, their churches will become empty of people and of truth. Son of Dust...I give to you another 10,000 words, and when you have prophesied them, I will give you many more words to say.

Bless the Eagle, the United States of America and shame those who dare curse this national vessel which I have chosen as a tool to be what it is. Go stand and prophecy against the coming of World War 3, and say: World war 3, you shall not come in the year of 2011, you shall not come in the year of 2012, you shall not come in the year 2013, even unto the year of 2019 and through it, you shall not come! Son of Dust, now transfigure again to the Manifester Yada, for in the name of Manifesters, many shall rise to minister in my name the deep truth of your Living God Truth.

And when they despise or curse this prophecy, pray for peace and salvation upon their souls, lest I allow Satan to open a black rain upon them from which they will never recover. Selah! Ah, some will say the son of Dust, has prophesied that there will be no war.

Such ones are they with small brains who cannot discern between the left hand and the right hand. There will on this planet (for as long as the kingdoms of this world are held tight in the hands of Lucifer-Satan) be wars and destruction from the impedition of nature.

You who are of them who despise Peace... seal your mouths lest a darkness of depression come upon you that will gnaw your guts to the sheer point of misery. If you come to Me, with your mouth shut, but pleading in repentance in your minds, I will forgive you and heal you. Surely My Name is Love, and sometimes, I am affectionately called Amazing Grace.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

Representing the Manifester Yada

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  • chava


    05 September 2011 am30 10:40 |
    I totally wittiness the words in this prophecy I felt the truth of this vibrate through my spirit as I read these words. I pray for world peace and a spirit of Love to come up on the people who hate and want war. I pray that their will not be a world war three but our heavenly father would grant peace and there would be a new construction of thought happen among the people in this world. I pray that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all! I pray that the angels about would intercede and they would influence mankind with a new mentality of love and peace amen and amen I say this all in the name of Jesus AMEN!
  • WaterColorMe


    06 September 2011 pm30 14:15 |
    Those who despise Peace have despised my heart, mind and attitude of Peace even before I was born. Yesterday my heart was pressed so firmly that my mind could think, 'Maybe I am the only one in this time and place who can pray directly, in the Spirit of Love, for those who have meant me harm, because I know them personally. After all, I am God's child. Maybe it is time for me to turn my fear of them into a reflection of God's Amazing Grace, Mercy and Love. " Yes, it is time and after reading this article, it's time for me to stand firm in God's strength against the gates of hell in the battle being contrived at this time. I love God's disappearing act: Just when darkness is ready to implement a plan that has taken so much energy, resources, time, scheming, etc., !POOF! It disappears! Like a black hole. The Event--The Event Horizon--!POOF!--GONE! This has been my experience over-and-over again. God is GREAT. I know I should not judge anymore. But instead stand against darkness with my brothers and sisters. With continued perseverance, I stand.
  • bro.bill


    06 September 2011 pm30 18:03 |
    Never has there been a time that the words of the Seer has faltered or failed to come to pass in its time and season. There is that great undertone of truth and power that resounds in the corridors of this prophecy. Let all those who have an ear come and be refined in its truth that can humble and fulfill at the same time. Give us all Lord this vision of what lies ahead with understanding that we may approach and supersede for Gods will to be done in these times ahead. Thank You Lord for allowing us to be privy to this Word!
  • Clark L Blair Jr

    Clark L Blair Jr

    07 September 2011 am30 07:48 |
    My name is Clark Blair I'm a 60 year old man who has problems with dementia and i am nobody but I do have a relationship with my Father God and Lord Jesus Christ and I do know their voice. Their are other people on the Internet that say they speak for God but it's not the God I know this man speaks of the God i know and Love.
  • Vaughn_Yada1


    07 September 2011 am30 07:54 |
    In the name of Jesus Christ, proclaim the truth, for these words are most certainly the truth! It is profound to understand that God can offer his people the power to avert the hell of war and to bring forth the manifestation of peace.

    It is also amazing unto me to think that some of those people who have become the ants and the sparrows beneath this nest would be such staunch supporters of the nation of Israel - regardless of that nation's agenda or actions. If that nation commits human rights abuses, targets certain individuals for oppression or uses means to neutralize those they believe to be enemies of the state, they simply turn their heads the other way and ignore. They do so because they believe that the current nation of Israel is a chosen nation and a chosen people who are destined of God and as such are justified in using whatever means are at their disposal to attain a desired end.

    I am certainly not anti-semitic in my thinking, but only present this true scenario to prove a point. Many who live in this nation, and in particular those who carry the banner of Christianity do not understand the extent to which this nation is a destined nation and that its people, to a great extent have inherited that destiny. They do not properly weigh the potential results of their negative thoughts and their negative actions in effecting that nation’s destiny.

    If the word tells us to touch not God’s anointed, should we defy that word when we see that individual make mistakes or appear to fall from grace. There are many who live in this nation that are anointed of God and I believe represent the true destiny of this nation, the United States of America. Therefore, I say, touch not god’s anointed nor do my prophets any harm. Be ye the messengers of the gospel of peace and the aura of peace shall abound within this nation.
  • fromafar


    08 September 2011 am30 09:44 |
    Some say the best days of the Eagle are behind her now, that she will never fly high and glorious as before. Little do they know of the Destiny she has on this planet, nor do they know the God who so bequeathed her that Destiny, nor do they know the Seer and his own role in keeping her aloft with the Godwinds of spoken Word uttered for the ages hence from the ages past.

    Consider, you who are swift to disown the Eagle when her best days are yet ahead, when her glory has not even begun to be revealed, The Manifester's Word today an invitation and a challenge to go away and hide yourself into a closet of travail and pray that Wisdom and Love prevail over your myopic dissent and transform it to a new devotion that will guide with fervent watchtower guardianship the Eagle's wings and valiant heart into the clouds of her yet unmanifested brightest shinings.
  • Lovely


    08 September 2011 pm30 18:38 |
    There shall be no war in 2011, 2012, 2013 til 2019 and through it. That hit me right in my core. May the peace of God prevail.
    • Dr. Jerry O. Lee

      Dr. Jerry O. Lee

      18 September 2011 pm30 12:28 |
      Dear Mrs Lovely,
      Your quote about no war between now and 2019 is not correct. The Prophecy says there will be no World War 3 up to that time. This is an easy mistake to make. God Bless you for your participation.

      Dr. Jerry O. Lee, The Manifester Yada
      • Lovely


        18 September 2011 pm30 14:30 |
        So there will be war, just not WW3 until 2019. I was referring to WW3 when I wrote that. I did not mean war in general. My apologies.
  • ray


    14 September 2011 am30 10:35 |
    Praise be the name of Yavael. Thank you Manifester as always I am strengthed by the words of love.
  • thunderbird


    19 October 2011 am31 07:56 |
    Of a truth, without a vision the people perish (Proverbs 29:18 KJV). It is truly an Amazing Grace to have a Manifester Yada with a vision from God regarding the future that can help direct a person's focus in their daily life. Becoming over-focused on the negative aspects that are always present in this world when there is no real, immediate danger can impose detours to one's destiny. As well, becoming blind to signs of the times that indicate a need for preparation and protection can have devastating consequences. It is of such importance to have access to prophetic revelation annointed by God and verified by many signs, miracles, and true predicted happenings. It is a gift, a true Amazing Grace. Thank you, Manifester Yada, for devoting every possible hour of your life to seeking God through AMs Word and keeping an open ear, open heart and willing mouth to declare the vision.
  • adamgentlemen


    19 October 2011 am31 08:27 |
    Let peace overcome the thoughts of war, and let there be no World War 3 'til after the year 2019. Thank you, Manifester, for bringing Light to my eyes, and thank you for your prophesy.
  • Trevor Gaertner

    Trevor Gaertner

    31 October 2011 am31 10:05 |
    I had forgotten the blessing the Lord gave me by being born in such a great nation. I cursed this great nation, for the politicians sake, and for all of those who are asleep. I was not humble in my opinions. Although I do not, nor have I ever wanted war, which my words represent, I was not always kind, nor was I loving. I mocked those who have a veil over their eyes. Who am I to judge who has a veil over their eyes for I fail everyday it seems. God have mercy upon me. Thank you for this prophecy, and praise the MOST HIGH GOD and His Son Jesus Christ, and may I be forgiven for my words against our great nation. In the name of Jesus Christ, my Bread, my Way and Truth and Life. Amen.

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