The Differentiation Phobia, Atomic Bombs and Cyber Space...

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A Future Flash of Dilemma called Perplexity....


Something darkish lingers in the "cease to exist file". It is a sediment of thought that has hardened to a kind of tectonic plate earthquake prone. Hell rides the horse called emphatic, there seems to be no mind for deceleration of funeral plans.

Go to now, call for a Prophet, or better yet, call for a Seer...to tell us about Iran and Israel and the Atomic Bomb, and to tell us about the forecast as to major military upgrades in computer warfare.

Then came I, the Manifester Yada, empty as a basket with no fruit and said. I the Manifester Yada, am not God who knows all and sees all. Anyone can speak presumably, but I have no quest to join fools. I will seek the Lord on this for ten days and if my Lord and God answers me and gives me clearance to speak, then I will answer your questions.

After ten days the Spirit of the Memrah of the Holy Ghost came upon me and therefore began I to write down the prophecy: I the Lord, have somewhat against you O Prince of Persia, inasmuch as you did restrain the messenger of God, for twenty one days, only moving aside when Michael, Lord Archangel of the Seraphim, came to route you. (Compare, Daniel 10:13 KJV).

Were it not that I the Lord, have destined ones living in the Iran, that great nation once called Persia, I would not put a hold on the war demons. Nevertheless, those twenty one days of interference, I shall soon, after all these years, multiply against the Prince of Persia upon Iran.

Then I the Manifester Yada looked and saw three plots to make destruction and two of the plots were full of worms. And I saw that Iran stood not alone in their defense plot, for I saw two other powers of observation in additional to their own power of observation.

And of the two powers, one was aid through satellite observation, and the other was aid through cyber space computer data hijacking of computer underground military secrets of the U.S. and Israel. And I heard the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and the screech of the U.S. Eagle, and they were together in a bid of death to all attainment and research by Iran for an Atomic Bomb capability.

And I saw a movement for peace negotiations but all negotiators wore shoes made of the skins of poisonous snakes. Futher-more, I saw minds made of steel in which there was no room for reconciliation. I knew that in a certain time of deception an illusion would arise from which soon, in surprising ways, would spring an assault to setback Iran's Atomic Bomb plot.

I was amazed at the advanced of Phantom virtual computer hacking available to Cyber Space wars. And I saw how that worms were made gods in the computer realm for their power to destroy was extensive. I was straightened of gaze as to the incredible power to threaten war, which the god-worms controlled.

Although, there shall be no world war 3 through 2019, there shall be bush fire wars in many places of the world. Nevertheless, it is not God's will for the believers to fear or dread life, for these shall be great days of knowledge and exploits. The Manifester Yada

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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  • flo


    08 November 2011 pm30 17:47 |
    This prophecy reminds me to pray for God's people in Iran, and particularly those destined ones who shoulder the spiritual burden of standing in the gap for an entire nation against a terrible force of destruction. It is written, that God shall do nothing except He first reveal it to His servants the prophets. Now, all you who would be part of the School of the Prophets, listen to what Manifester Yada has prophecied. Selah!

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