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Approximately ninety percent of the  US  workforce has jobs,  (that of course is the reverse of 10% unemployed).  That is one wow of a lot of jobs considering the large population of the United States.

The two nations holding the largest deposits of gold is the United States of America and China.   The United States holds twice the amount of gold that China does.

The United States is the only national Super Power in the world. Being the most powerful nation in the world by far…the USA has secret weapons in nano technology and laser rays that are of star-war quality.   Additionally, the USA has the fastest, most advanced, and most capable stealth airplanes with radar invisibility beyond all other nations in the world.

The US has the largest railways network in the world…240,000 km, connecting 48 continental States, enough tracks to circle the Earth five times.

The USA has over 2,425,000 miles of paved roads and thereby far surpasses any other country in the world as to paved roads.

The United States has the largest number of Religious Groups in the world.

Despite the current economic financial state of the US, more people want to come to the US than any other country in the world.

The US is currently even with it’s 14 trillion debt, the richest country in the world based on assets and GDP.  The GDP of the US is:  $14,580,000,489,472 which is twice the GDP of China the second largest GDP nation in the world.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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    All seeing I-phone

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    Blessed be the name if God : One day in God time may this math flourish in our enter most being

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