Prayers and Healing

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.

Psalm 5:3



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Let us never seek vengeance or utter ugly and hard sayings against any souls who may yet be saved.  Plant in our ears the songs of Your love--cause our voices to sing with tongues as angels.

Deliver us from provacations and temptations so that we may be always brightened for worship of Your goodness and awesomeness.

Teach us how to reveal to the world Your greatness and Your magnitudes.   Allow us to not become narrow in our thinking as to the graciousness of Your mercy and precious love.

Let not our days seem long and boring to us, yet cause us to enter into Your rest from day to day. Please precious almighty God be with us this day.

Although much of the world does not understand, You O' Lord have been our dwelling place in all generations.  By Your Spirit, "In You, we live and move and have our being" even as mortals we are the Temple of Your Holy Ghost.

O' Lord give Your angels charge over us to protect us from all harm.  Make us strong of heart and mind so that our feet can trample the dragon under our feet.

When we call upon You O' Lord hear and answer us according to Your grace and according to Your mercy's sake. 



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Dear Holy Light that shines from above, blessed be Your Light that devides the darkness --

In this Universe You do not seek to eliminate the Universal darkness for the darkness is a great backdrop to the star-suns that shine.  There is something beautiful in the contrast.

Even so O' Lord allow something to be made beautiful between the contrast of my mortal life and my spiritual life.

I instinctively  know I must not curse this mortal body because of it's animal aspects.  For You God by the oracles of miracles have made this mortal human body capable for being for each person a Temple of the Holy Ghost.

I have come to understand that if I am to exercise this great occupation of the Holy Ghost in the Temple of my body, my love for myself must reach heights of self forgiveness that will fulfill me loving my neighbor as I love myself. 



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I looked upon the waters who were the people of life I knew and loved.  The paths some of them had taken made wounds of concern in my heart.  Conundrum upon conundrum rose as trembling beats of awareness of those ones falling into the darkside of nature came to my seer eyes. 

Between two moments there is the Sun and the Moon.  The Sun is symbolic of the Lord of day, and the Moon is symbolic of the Lord of night.  Both lights have their own kind of beauty.  Under those two lights, either good or not good can be pursued. 

I exhort you whom in agony of prayer I have stood in the gap for.   In your strife with the blood of life cast your steel into the flames that your cast may be tempered and polished by the Love of God that will give you power over your mortal.


A Prayer of Jerry O. Lee, July 7th 1999...

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O Lord today is 25 years from the day my precious saint grandmother Lillie, accented from this earthly state.  I loved her so much and still do.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a part of her spiritual life, to pray with her each day and be the recorder of her prophecies.

By your mercy I learned that on this Earth factory there is a great preparation in the making for the lauching of those destinata who are the Morning Stars...Praise be the almighty I AM who has lit those stars who will rise.



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A Dark misery blots the scene of forcast  The pulpitries of said Christendom have turned into political laundry mats and the word "dam" has been awarded prestige.   "Dam" they say in so many ways and words is anyone who does not agree with my referendum. 

Many are they of The nation of the USA who have been drawn into gloom and doom by the very believers who are called to bring peace, healing, and deliverance but who have switched from the sweet gate to the gate of turmoil. 

They by deceit are being transfigured more and more into  deceiver' styles with forceful words and forceful pressures to believe their mis-tranlations of the Word and becoming more and more toward  being like spiritual "tasmanian devil wolves" who take by force what they want.  These spirits are of Satan, the enemy of God, and Christians dare not copy these emblems of terror..


A Prayer From The Manifester

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I pray for world salvation. I pray for world peace. Give us power, O’ Lord, over the powers and principalities of evil. Teach us prayers of such strength that praying them will cause the spirits anti to God to howl and flee. Give us God-Love so strong that a faith will rise in us capable to turn the darkest midnight into the greatest light of day.

May an aura of such happiness surround us that every depressed person that touches us or sees us or talks to us is healed and given an awareness that this gift of deliverance is from the Kingdom of God.

Teach us meekness so that we can inherit a place of worship at the Father’s House. Let us not concentrate on the mansions that abound in that wonderful place, but rather how many lost ones we can lead home.


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