God Decided That Adam Should Have a Helpmate

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God said on the day you ate the forbidden fruit, you would die!


The day of small-mindedness is meeting with less and less facility to continue its narrow viewpoints. The reckonable moment is buzzing around. Spit out the gum in your mouth; there is no flavor left. Come into a new tastefulness of insight that when the last trumpet has sounded, the taste in your mouth will be victory.

Kiss these words, my loves, that they may be warmed with your breath; for when these words come out of aura cocooning, they will fly to you in such a manifest of knowing, they will polish with joy….. the heels of those angels who guardian you.

O’ Adam, your time is fulfilled; is it not? God said on the day you ate the forbidden fruit, you would die! (Genesis 2:17 KJV).

But wait…. the Serpent said: Did God tell you that if you ate this fruit you would die? Why that’s preposterous….. God knows if you eat this fruit that you will become a god also, and that’s why He doesn’t want you to eat of this tree’s fruit. Did God tell you on the day you ate this fruit you would die? O that’s cute; what a cover up….. you shall not surely die! Trust me! (Genesis 3:2-7 KJV paraphrased)

Who told the truth, God or the Serpent? According to the twenty-four hour day that is taught by the religious group called the “Creationist,” God must have lied because Adam did not die on that twenty-four hour day. In fact, Adam did not die for hundreds of years later.

Only when we believe the Bible according to its real revelation are we able to see the truth. According to Genesis 2:4 KJV, the seven days of creation were generation days and not twenty-four hour days. During the period of creation, each generation day was accorded to the time of that particular age for its fashioning. “Days” were not equal time slots.

The Bible says there is another kind of timing for a day, and it is called the “Lord’s Day”,,,,, which, according to the Bible, is a thousand years long compared to the present Earth day of twenty-four hours (Psalms 84:10, 2 Peter 3:8, and Revelations 20:1-4 KJV).

So then, according to the Lord’s Day scenario which applied to Adam….. Adam lived nine hundred and thirty years (930 yrs.) and died. Adam lived seventy years short of a Lord’s Day, and he died. He died as God had said and intended for AMs statement to be understood.

So, if people want to believe the Serpent, let them know they are being deceived as to the age of the Earth and the ancientness of creation. Mankind, the offspring of Adam, is now living out the seventy unlived years of Adam.

Here is another major, missed revelation of Genesis: And God decided that Adam should have a helpmate - a wife; so, God brought every beast of the field [which included the soulless people] and every fowl of the air [which included the Pison Bird people] to Adam so that Adam could name them. Subsequently, Adam named them; and whatever he called them, that became their names. But Adam did not call any of the beasts of the field his wife. Therefore, after all Adam’s searching, he could not find a wife from any of the examples that God had shown him (Genesis 2:18-20 KJV paraphrased). [Note: Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, metamorphosed to a bird man for a period of time (Daniel 4:33 KJV).]

Yet according to the Creationist theory, God decided Adam needed a helpmate (wife), so God called the animals together to name them, but among all animals there was not found a wife for Adam????? Come on….. are we to believe that Adam was to choose among the animals - monkeys, horses, elephants, dogs, etc. - to find a wife just to name them? Absolutely not!!! The fact is, that the topic heading for this event was that God said Adam needed a wife….. and the fact is, the term the KJV Bible used was “not found”. Those two entries clearly imply a search was to take place and then had taken place to find a helpmate for Adam.

If we are to believe there were no other humans because Adam was the first human,,,,, then, clearly, it is implied that God had Adam searching among the animals for a mate but none was found. Calling Adam the first human is, of course, a major error. Adam was the first man with a spirit-Soul and a body-soul.

Of course, even the case of God allowing Adam to choose among the soulless humans was quite a distinct difference. However, in that case, God could have granted to such a soulless female the opportunity to become Souled as Adam became Souled (Genesis 2:7 KJV). But God certainly would not have spirit-Souled an animal such as a dog or a monkey to become Adam’s wife.

Pre-Adamic man was created in the sixth generation day (”And so God created mankind, male and female, according to AM’s plan or blueprint“ [not “image” see Strongs Hebrew Dictionary #6754 - as “a representative figure”, Genesis 1:27-28 MIV paraphrased). This said creature was human but had only a physical soul and not a spirit-Soul. Adam was not created on the sixth generation day but was created on the seventh generation day without a mate (Genesis 2:2-7 KJV).

Most of the world has not come into the rest (sabbath revelation) Paul declared. Yes, “God rested,” the Bible says, “from all the works Am had made“, which were physical works but not from spiritual works, such as creating a spiritual man with a spirit-Soul. With God, spiritual actions are a continuum.

There is no belief taught by the Creationist that I know of in which these examples were also humans called “beasts” because they did not have souls. Nevertheless, according to the Bible, mankind was called beasts and has become beast-like again (Ecclesiastes 3:18-19 and Jude 10 KJV).

Of course, there were other humans around: just as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was a Gihon of the serpent people who lived in the West Garden next to the East Garden where Adam and Eve were placed. And yes, Satan used the Gihon to tempt Eve.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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