The Seven Heads of the Dragon

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The Garden West (Alantis) Part Three


In order to identify these “heads” we must first identify the body to which they are attached. There is the cosmic Dragon, the spiritual Dragon, the earth based Leviathan Dragon, and the Beast who is governed and empowered by the Dragon. Each of these entities have seven heads.

Lets begin with the cosmic Dragon called the Draco constellation. This northern constellation that tortuously winds like a serpent through the heavens is a literal constellation of stars. Even though this literal scenario is in place, myth also abounds as a superimposed lacing in, out, and through the whole fabric of the literal. But think of these myths as dreams that need to be interpreted from their figurative state. There very often is a real message.

Manifestly, keep in mind: when the three angel groups – the Ophannim creators, based in the Arcturian realms of Bootes; and the Cherubim guardians, based the realms of the Pleiades; and the Seraphim judges, based in the realms of the Orion – were operating in the first stages of creation, the constellations of Ursa Major (“the Big Dipper”) and Ursa Minor (“the Little Dipper”) seemed inconsequential. However, once the event occurred during which Lucifer, the Cherubim, rebelled (during Lucifer’s guardianship assignment over the *Ophannims while Yavael was absent) these said Dipper constellations began to play a huge role.

An angelic disfusion of harmony began when Lucifer moved the Morning Star Angel Ophannim from their first estate in the Arcturus Bootes realms to the planets of Draco the Dragon (Jude 1:6 KJV). Due to this unsanctioned move by Lucifer, uun became known as ” the Dragon”. Eventually, this action by Lucifer led to a war in the cosmic heavens (Revelation 12:7 KJV). Nevertheless, of the trillion Ophannim (see the Manifester’s Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis Book listed on this web site), 666 billion joined Lucifer in the fall and the other 333 billion plus (who also were in the fall) opted instead for regeneration on Earth as a means to become united with Yahvael again.

The Big Dipper pour symbolically represents the fall of the 666 billion Ophannim (coming – the Manifester’s “Secrets of Solomon”, compare 2 Chronicles 9:12-13 KJV) and the Little Dipper pour symbolically represents the fall of the 333 billion plus Ophannim.

Fairly well known descriptions and names of these two Dipper constellations are as follows: Ursa Major is also called: the Great Bear, the Greater Sheepfold, the Sons of Arcturus. Ursa Minor is also called: the Little Bear, the Lesser Sheepfold, the Sons of Arcturus, Arcturus, and the Father’s House (coming: a Manifester’s discourse on the Mansions and Decans of the stars). Scriptures will be furnished in the coming part four of this series.

These said Sons of Arcturus, also called the Morning Stars and the Wheels, are the *Ophannim. The Ophanim Wheels/Messengers (Angels) are much written about under the Ophanim (or Ophannim) name as well as other titles: compare Genesis 22:11-18 KJV interpretated as “Ophannim” in the Kabbalah, Zohar (see “Devachanic Spheres and Mansions”, also see “Rabbi Simeon’s Discourse on Prayer”), and as Morning Stars in Job 38:7, Job 38:32, and Revelation 12:4 KJV, as Wheels in Ezekiel 1:14-27 and Ezekiel 10:13 KJV (see Strongs Hebrew Dictionary #212). The term “Ophannim” can be found in 1 Enoch (see 1 Enoch 61:LXI.10 and 1 Enoch 71:LXXI.7); as well the term “Ophannim” can be found in the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate ‘Abodah Zarah Folio 43b.4), the Mishneh Torah, and the Dead Sea Scrolls and more.

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