The Seed of the Serpent Satan

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the seed of the Serpent Satan the Dragon of Devils and Uuns war to overcome the seed offspring of the Woman Queen


Forever… is  not relevant to the minds of most people.  The long of time is often riddled with misunderstanding and misapplication to its timetables.  It is quite in human nature to make any major event to be relevant to the present lifetime of a person’s life.  Because of this flaw and error in summing the event-line of time, masses of humans believe incorrectly about most of the Bible and most of what life on this planet Earth is about.  

The vanishing point sits on the mental throne in the minds of millions and promenades its falsehoods and amnesia.  In the Bible’s Word of its holy writ, it promises restoration, in that, when the Holy Ghost Comforter has come, it will restore memory and enable through forgotten tongues… each person to speak those lost memories to God for rebound to their mind, and, therefore, restoration of the lost years and ages of memory the worms of default have eaten.  (Compare, 1 Corinthians 14:2, and John 14:26 KJV)

Come, cerebral electricity! Touch every nerve signal! From neuron to neuron, span the psychic circuits!  Assemble the substance of consciousness that flies deep in the spirit. Come, precept of selective predestination! Step beyond emotion and grasp shameless moments of reaching higher than ever before!  It is given for you to overcome the numerous difficulties that have made manifest thoughts inexplicable to you.  Your better good has been opposed long enough. Ultimate communication awaits you.

A wave of a renewed consciousness is sparkling.  Where do you stand at this time of profound  launching?  This upsurge belongs to true reality.  Trample the negative anomalies of the past and fasten to the opening manifolds of revelation that bespeak of the real history of space and time.  For once and for all, over-arch every persistent misery and problem that has beset you and take to holy leaps from mountain top to mountain top.  This is your time; this is your day. Possess every second  of it.

The deeds of the Gihon Serpent pre-Souled man contained a metaphor and a far-into-the-future prophecy about the seed of the Serpent Satan the Dragon of Devils and Uuns war to overcome the seed offspring of the Woman Queen whom Eve metaphored and all who defend her. Going back in time to the garden of Eden (not  as the time-keepers of humankind have accounted it, for their accounting is at least ten thousand years off from the actual time in history), it is of a long time ago prophesied that there would be a seed of the Serpent Satan whose seed would be at contra against the seed of the Woman Queen.  (Compare, Genesis 3:14-15, KJV).

The seed of the Serpent cannot ever be the Ophannim, for the old Serpent Satan is a Cherubim.  That is not to say that Satan has not fostered children by abstract. Nay, but the seed of the Serpent Satan are the wondrous Mantis creations who are all endowed with the power to prophesy things into creation and to prophesy destruction to opposition.  (Compare, Revelation 12:9 and Revelation 20:2, KJV).  

In the views of those opposed to Satan, his Mantis creations are corruptible seed (compare, 1 Peter 1:23 and 1 John 3:10, KJV) and children of wrath (compare, Ephesians 2:3 KJV).  The Mantis, “being children of the wicked one”, can also transform to take on bodies to pass as humans called “Tares”. (Compare, Matthew 13:37-40, KJV).

The ancients were well aware of the creation power called “stones of fire” and not limited to creation but engendering, enhancing, and empowering for co-uning.  (Compare, Ezekiel 28:12-14, KJV).  King Tyrus, whose name means ‘rock’, and who is a poetical name for Lucifer, is a formula and code of Ack-ah language about the co-uning of Lucifer.  The various precious stones who became Lucifer’s covering  were entities described in symbols of those angels who co-uned to Uuns archangelship.  Many Revelation I have to share of much more that could be said as you can bear them.

Even as the Alpha Ages of the Alphan, which preceded the universes, are now foundation stones for the wall of Jerusalem, the symbol of the total of the one hundred and forty-four thousand universes that are to be… so are we each a part of that part which is a part of that which was, which is, and which is to be. Whosoever looking only shallow and near will not see the picture of the all of the all.

The subject of lively stones is not minimal.  Of certain did Satan know this when Uun asked Jesus during the temptation to turn the stones into the bread of life.  Of certain Jesus knew this riddle that Satan spoke, for a short of days before that, Jesus had ministered that God could raise up children to Abraham by speaking to the stones. (Compare, Matthew 3:9 and Mathew 4:3-4, KJV).  Jesus knew exactly what He meant when He called Peter a stone.    

Ah… The Mystery of the Time.  Horns symbolize power and kings; kings symbolize kingdoms; kingdoms symbolize the four divisions of humankind and to each their time zone, which kingdom time zone spans across the seventy to eighty thousand life generations of a thousand years within which each lifetime zone there is allotted a time and a chance for the fallen angels to overcome and become born again from above.

So then, the fourth kingdom, or fourth beast, has been on Earth a very long time.  (Study, Daniel 2:40-45, KJV).  Each quad of the four kinds of humankind will receive its time and chance, and be sure every quad of the four kinds of humankind will feel the force of the kingdoms of the beasts.  We live in star-time and it goes on and on.  We will all get our chance to act on the stage of the greatest Theatron of the Time, Times, and a half Times.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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