The Mantis Androids vs. The White Horse Ministry

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The Mantis practice their warfare tactics in far space, (which in this example is called in the Bible, The Bottomless Pit).

In the Book of Revelation Chapter 9...Is told in symbolism,the story of the human androids called Mantis/Locust, who form an army of 200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million entitities).

The process of the manufacturing-creativity by the Forces Dark, as regards this massive army is revealed in the symbol of the "furnace". This insight was revealed to the Seer Prophet, The Manifester, How Lucifer's Satan has created the Mantis by using an aspect of Fibonacci's Golden String Math Sequences along with other genius input.
There are very interesting Fibonacci connections to such numbers as the Book of Revelation statement in verse: 9:16, of the 200,000,000 (Two hundred million) number:

For instance, figures applied to processes called: global pipe, (partially taken from "maths surveys"), are as follows:

for F.x=o; x (200,000,000; x++) ["F." is used here representing being a Fibonacci number].

Another interesting number famous in the Bible is the number 666 which can be found by extending the Fibonacci series backwards:
Plotting the ratios F(i)/ F(i-1) the ratios steps on the left hand side of 0 are:
1______ -1___ ___2___ ___-3__ ___5__
-1 = -1, 2 = -0.5, -3 = -0.666.., 5 = -0.6, -8 = 0.625 The horizontal number value is 6+2+5 = 13 which is a prime Fibonacci number. (pardon the makeshift math signs my Mathematica is not up yet).

As to information on the makeup of the Mantis/Locust android bodies, here is some interesting input.

They have a composite wave function via the different atomic components that make up their bodies. The signs and orders of their physical magnitude have bands developed from derivatives which have built in coefficients that put variable limits on their bodies form developing other functioning forms without specific orders to do so.
Along the X Y Z axis the Android Mantis have atomic states that are plotted as wave functions that lighten the effect of neural-emotions.

There is a quantitative expression and relationship of the renewal of cells that though different of cellular types such as vegetable plant orders, nevertheless, can be said to be arranged in the precision of a phyllotaxis style of algorithmic relations mentally to Fibonacci 's Golden String convergence of ratios.

This composition of creative life begets a self-dual ability of exponential reproduction not constrained from the use of maximal axioms ( such as uniqueness, invariance to permutation, tuned allegiance to Lucifer's Satan, and etc.), for obtaining the duplicity of Mantis Android numbers of warriors.

The forensic evidence in the said scripture allows inductive inference for overcoming otherwise unknown or conditional insight. In verse two of Revelation 9, the "furnace" is symbolic of the manufacturing/creation of the Mantis. The "smoke" represents the beginning trial states of the mantis. The Sun and air represent cosmic space. The darkened effect represents the evil plot involved in the making of these entities and their spiritual darkness being added to the world.

During this time the Mantis practice their warfare tactics in far space, (which in this example is called in the Bible, The Bottomless Pit). There is a substantial gap of time that occurs before the action described in Revelation 9:3 is set in place when the Mantis/Locust Androids come to war stations on Earth. Even then, certain limits for conditions, actions, and time will be put on them by the Good Guardian Angels.

The major war will occur close to the end of the Time, Times, and the dividing of time. The coming of the Lord at Midnight [dividing between the designation of day and night], is an interesting comparative, (Compare, Matthew 25:6).

Understand, these Mantis already exist. Angel War 2 is going on now, in the sense of the war of principalities against principalities, in high places, (Compare, Ephesians 6:12, and Isaiah 24:21, KJV).

Eventually, the war will spread, expanding the spiritual war to also a physical war of the Sons and progeny of Light against the Sons of Darkness, and associates.

The war of the Mantis and their Zats and Zam space craft against the Riders of the White Horse Ministry with their back up of flying Zziths and Zuuts is symbolically told In the book of Revelation chapter 9 scenario, and other Bible verses.

These verses represent a great spread of time. Also remember the book of Revelation is not in chronological order.

In Mantis language the description of their human like appearance is coupled with their space craft description because their space craft is the matrix cubbing hold of their identity and brain map for which purpose they were born. and to which creative blue print they are connected by signal for life;

They look like awesome humans with faces of men and hair of women. But they are Mantis Androids and not humans. Their disposition when angry or in war is like lions. Their tails represent their neuron sensor buds for receiving and messaging codes and rays

The Manifester Yada
Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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