The Greatest Mind Wars in Universe History

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The Best minds were called: “Thrones of Thunder” and their strikes were called: ”lightning”


Who were they that would become trapped in the sling of the Red Dragon’s tail, during the enfold of a fiery war of wars?  Angels against angels… syntonic fire messengers against syntonic fire messengers… Starry Kingdoms and constellations of the hosts of God, bent like mighty mind bows of war.

Michael and his legions of Seraphim (Royalty Status: Six Wings), direct from the star power of Orion, in the greatest mind wars in universe history… against the stroke-genius of Lucifer, the new self-appointed Archangel of the Ophannim (Royalty Status: Two Wings), his army of 666 billion soldiers fresh from war preparation in the Constellation of the Red Dragon.

The outcome of this war could change the whole order of the Angel Commission of the league of the Seven Archangels (also called “the Seven Spirits of God”)  of the Seven Universes:  The Troniverse, The Luma, The Cima, The Asterdawn, The Shoomb, The Interverse, and The Zone. (The angels of the Seven Trumpets —Revelation 8:1-2). 

On the sidelines the Cherubims waited, being requested to not enter the war, inasmuch, as it was Lucifer — a co-Archangel and creation son of their ranks — who had rebelled.   Also meanwhile, Yahvael — Chief Messenger over the Ophannim — waited in Orion and pleaded love and mercy for the Souls of each and everyone of all the angels.

In the modern war of angels, positioning was a major consideration of strategy:  Whoever had the superior minds would tell the tale of victory soon.  Lucifer was called the most beautiful mind in the heavens, but Michael, Archangel of the Seraphim of the Fifth Universe, was a master of masters in the arts of the splendor of reasoning. His Royal status didn’t tell the whole story, for besides Michael’s skills of the mind there was an ability of “calm” likened unto the Higgaionnim (called Hig-gi for short) of the Seventh Universe.  It is clear….this General of the Hosts would be no pushover.

Mind concentrations were heating up.  A good mind could send voltages of syntonic fire with laser precision.  The Best minds were called: “Thrones of Thunder” and their strikes were called: ”lightning”.   Lucifer, now called “the Red Dragon”, was famous for his “continuous stroke”.  Also, a major factor in this would be the spacecraft of each force.  Michael used spacecrafts called:  the Zziths,  while Lucifer used spacecrafts called: the Zams.

Lucifer’s troops were well-positioned, but Michael did a not-expected low-range position photo-transitional charge, firing the first volley of syntonic fire.  The string-a-ling energy couplet-effect of Michael’s first shot rendered a million of Lucifer’s sentries — whose momentum formats were aligned — to become instantly sapped of most all of their energy.  The war was begun and the heavens shook from the thunder of Great minds against Great minds.

Each of these angels had gained experience in the arts of survival from the universes they had lived through and succeeded from.  A trillion Ophannim were at risk of being catapulted to a loss of status should Lucifer fail to win this war.  A trillion seven billion Seraphim were at risk of their ranks should Michael fail to win this war.

Long before any space war movies of modern era could be made that would seemingly come as close as multi-miles to this real historical event, this War of wars was written in the Bible’s book of Revelation in a code, wrapped in mystery.  Nearly fifty years ago, the Manifester — in the spirit of John the Revelator — decoded this eventful and remarkable happening, and in recent time has shared it on an agreement-basis with other persons for ministry.  A great insight to this incredible event is available in the Manifester’s: “Seven Thunders Speak”, Manifest Chronicles: Before Genesis.

Unscripted event upon event available in the Energy Dots of the universe and the Holy Bible as a line of truth and revelation have gone out, waiting for the “Book of Little Things” and its seals of seven seals to be opened. (Compare: Psalms 19:1-6 and Revelation 10:1-7, KJV).   Alas, it seemed the Revelation would be sealed forever, but Jesus, who had unfolded the mysteries, deferred them to a future generation due to the uncomprehending spiritual darkness of his time. 

For the Destinata “would do greater works of Word beyond parables” than the generation in which He, Jesus, was manifested in the flesh. (Compare: John 5:20, John 14:12 and Revelation 10:11 and the deferred mystery opened at a latter time:  Revelation 22:8-10, KJV).

It is written in the Bible’s book of Revelation that the Angels will present the everlasting gospel in the skies of Earth (Compare: Revelation 14:6, KJV).  In the flavor of thoughts that regards UFO’s, now can be considered that at the end of this Great War in the heavens, multitudes of fallen angels plummeted to the Earth and one by one, were born into human bodies, breaking the natural process of lattilution and producing humans with mind-power capable of much advance.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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